The Thursday 13: 13 Things You’ll Always Find in My Car

It’s time for the Thursday 13 again! Each week, I publish a new, themed list of 13 things. This week, we’re talking about things in my car. There are some things that you can always count on me to have.

1. Sunglasses.
I never go anywhere without them. There’s always some in the car and in my purse, and there’s a pile of them at home to replace those when they inevitably get lost or sat upon.

2. A towel.
Never go anywhere without a towel. Ford Prefect says so.

3. Music.
I can’t read in the car, so music is a must for really any length of driving. I have a stash of CDs in the car, but mostly I use the satellite radio.

4. Napkins.
You’ll pretty much always find a napkin stash in the glove-box of the car.

5. Child seat.
I suppose at some point this is one that will go, but Little Jedi is still pretty small, so his seat stays in the back of my car.

6. Jumper cables/spare tire/jack/tire gauge.
It’s just smart to have that stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it, not just for me, but for friends and neighbors who’ve needed help.

7. Blanket.
Makes car naps easier, and if you stop somewhere for an impromptu picnic, it comes in really handy.

8. A sweater or two.
I have to wear long sleeves at work to cover my tattoos (and also because it’s cold in there!) But it’s NOLA, and it’s hot outside. I keep a few sweaters in the car as go-tos for the office.

9. A book.
I stash books pretty much everywhere, including in the car. I can’t really read in there, because I get carsick if I read while riding, but it’s always good to have a book nearby if you have to wait for something/someone.

10. A flashlight.
I also keep one of these pretty much everywhere. And they’ve come in really handy for power outages and changing tires at night.

11. Tom Tom.
I actually use the GPS on my phone more often—-but it’s nice to have a back-up. I should probably also get some real maps in there, just to be safe.

12. Umbrella.
I keep one of these in my purse, too. It rains a lot here, especially in the summertime, and sitting around in wet clothes is unhappy-making.

13. Copies of Title/Insurance/All That Legal Stuff.
Yep. It’s important.

So what about you? Anything in particular that you always make sure to have in your car?



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    1. haha…I do too listening to some other folks, but there are some things people have mentioned that are going to make their way into my car, I think. Always prepared and whatnot.

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  1. Shopping Bags. Tire inflater/gauge that plugs into my cigarette lighter. A container of Oil. Eating Utensils. Battery cables. Chopsticks. Extra Windshield wipers because I had one fall off on the interstate during a hailstorm in Arizona and the wiper part scratched my windshield. CDs. Emergency book to read. Fidget toys.

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  2. Reflecting body heat blanket thingy.
    Emergency tool that will break window and cut seat belt.
    Extra flip flops (my feet swell when I’m in the car so sometimes my shoes won’t fit so I always have extra flip flops).
    Extra charger and cable for my phone and kindle.
    A nite light (in case I end up somewhere unfamiliar overnight).
    Baby pillow for the small if my back(and as a pillow if needed).
    Trail mix. Water. Juice boxes.
    Baby wipes. Extra roll of toilet paper.

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      1. I actually used those extra flip flops yesterday after a long hike. My socks and shoes were incredibly dusty and we were going to Spaghetti Factory for an early dinner, no time to go home and change shoes so I pulled out the flip flops!


        1. haha…Those are the kind of times I was thinking they’d come in handy—and getting out of uncomfortable shoes while driving.


  3. Water – 4 liter jug (we try and remember to swap it out once a week, but at least every month)
    Jack/wheelbrace/assorted tools/jumper cables/collapsible snow shovel
    Fire extinguisher
    Spare pair of driving glasses
    Map book of our area always, and fold-out maps when we go on a trip
    First aid kit
    Blanket/warm sweaters and pants
    Small folding umbrellas
    Fast food coupons for just-in-case’s
    Squished roll of paper towels
    Insurance papers etc
    Cell phone charger
    Cloth shopping bags and a couple of small kitchen garbage bags
    Bungee cords – assorted sizes

    That’s about it – we do live in the country and in an earthquake zone though 😀

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    1. I’ve realized that I should start keeping some water in the trunk again. I used to have a case back there, just in case, but I took it out and haven’t replaced it.


  4. So much yes to #2. 🙂

    I keep a seemingly random cardboard box full of seemingly random things in the trunk…it’s actually there so that I can pop donations to the local homeless shelter in it. If I’m at the grocery store or dollar store, I’ll pick up some non-perishables for the shelter and put them in the box…when it’s full, I take it to the shelter. If someone saw it and didn’t know what it was for, they’d probably think I was a crazy person to have a big box of maxi pads and toothpaste and forks and things. 😉

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