#WeekendCoffeeShare: July 4th Edition

If we were having coffee, we’d be hanging about at home again today, and I’d tell you about the very busy week I’ve just come from and the not-quite-as-but-still-busy week I’m coming up on now. Work was a bit hectic this week, as we ran upon a few issues with equipment that had to be dealt with before moving forward, and we already had a lot to do. At least the week was a short one, so I had Friday off work to catch up on some writing—and some sleep! I got to take a super-sweet afternoon nap, as Little Jedi is off with family for the holiday.

It’s Independence Day here in the States, and I’d ask if you have plans for the day. This year, Sam and I are going to just enjoy a quiet afternoon at home. There are, of course, lots of goings on. But it’s very hot out, the traffic will be abysmal, and Tank is probably going to want our company, as he’s sure to be terrified of the fireworks noise. We’re considering marking the day by doing something terribly silly like watching the two Captain America films, or maybe something cheeky like Point Break or Independence Day. With cocktails, of course. And cupcakes.

Tomorrow there’s writing to be done, so we’ll both be sitting here with our laptops. I’m working on blog stuff for the week, and I’m also getting back to some of my work for the photography studio. The nonprofit has been so busy (and so has life in general) that I’ve rather neglected that work recently, and that’s something I’m going to start getting back to.

I’d also tell you that I hope to meet up with Cat this week, and I’d tell you that I’m so happy she’ll be moving to New Orleans soon! She’s been offered a position in the city, and so we’ll finally be living in the same place for the first time in years. It’ll be easier for us to get our photography business off the ground, and it will be fantastic to have my friend and her family in town so that we can all get together.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this week’s Monster Monday post will be courtesy of the very talented Melissa Barker-Simpson, who will be contributing here for the first time. I’m really happy to have her guest posting this week and to see the discussion! I would remind you that I guest posted last week at Ula’s blog, and that I’ll be there again this Monday. And on Tuesday, you can find me blogging about the season finale of Penny Dreadful at Sourcerer. I’d also ask if you were able to visit the Feminist Friday discussions at Allison’s blog this week, and I’d remind you that this week’s will be at the blog of Rose. B. Fischer.

I would also tell you to be on the lookout for some changes to the Monster this week. I’m making some layout and menu changes, and I’ll also be working with the weekly features. I’ve made some decisions about where I’m headed with the blog recently, and that’s made it possible to start working with some of these things. I’m excited to start working on the site again.


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  1. Looking forward to Melissa’s post, and the changes afoot! And congrats on getting your friend closer. 🙂 I’m excited because my only writing obligation this week is for next week’s Monster Monday post, which I’m really excited to start! 😀


  2. My lovely wife and I took my 92 year old dad to 1940’s USO Show at our local community theater. The cast did an AMAZING job. Dad was the happiest I’ve seen in a month. Best celebration ever.


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