The Thursday 13: Things You’ll Always Find in My Bag

It’s time for the Thursday 13 again! Each week, I publish a new, themed list of 13 things. Last week, we talked about things you’ll always find in my car. This week, we’re talking instead about things you can always find in my bag or purse:

1. Wallet.
Generally, you’ll find the usual checkbook, some credit cards, maybe (maybe) a little cash, and my ID in there. Generally. I can also be counted upon to have at least 1 receipt in there, but it’s really just in case I need scratch paper, not because I’m good about keeping receipts.

2. Burt’s Bees Chapstick.
I wear more chapstick than is probably strictly necessary, and this is my favorite sort. You can count on it to be nearby.

3. My calendar.
I’m shit about keeping up with things if they’re not written down these days. Where once I could keep a whole year of things to do, birthdays to be celebrated, and meetings to attend in my head, that doesn’t hold true any longer. Now, I Must Have a Calendar.

4. Pens.
I keep lots of pens in my purse, too. I have a few stylus pens, a few colored pens, some regular Bics…You just never know what you’ll need.

5. A book or my Nook.
I can be counted upon to have something to read, whether it’s a paperback or it’s my e-reader. One should always have something to read.

6. Sunglasses.
I’ve rather sensitive eyes, and I cannot bear to be out in the sun without some kind of shades. To that end, I keep a few pairs of sunglasses stashed in my purse and a few other key places.

7. Eyedrops.
I suppose this might be a bit like the sunglasses issue—I keep eyedrops close-by most of the time.

8. Flashlight.
I have a small silver flashlight in my purse that my mom gave me ages ago. You really just never know when they’ll come in handy.

9. Umbrella.
And I have a little purple umbrella, one I’ve had for years, that stays in the bottom of my purse, too. Whether it’s for an impromptu second line or a summer shower, I’ve actually used that one a lot.

10. Business cards.
This is one I’ve had to get accustomed to this year, because never before have I been in a position to have business cards, really. But now with the photography studio going, I try to make sure I take some cards everywhere I go.

11. Lighter.
I don’t smoke anymore, but I do carry a lighter. At this point, it’s both habit and a bit like carrying the umbrella and flashlight—you just never know when you might need one.

12. My Blackberry.
Yes, I’m still carrying a Blackberry, and no, I don’t care why you hate Blackberries. I do hate carrying my phone in my pocket, but at this point, I do feel the need to keep it around constantly. Modernity, y’all.

13. A tiny blue Buddha.
I’m not a Buddhist—but I still carry him everywhere. The person who gave him to me is a believer, and I believe in and care for that person very much. I’ll always carry around the bit of luck she passed my way.



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  1. Kinda makes me want to re-populate my bag with more interesting stuff. Or start carrying just one bag — I keep switching what I use so it gets cleaned out (and emptied) with fair regularity.

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  2. I always have little men in my bag, mostly Legos or Playmobil. And food! I can’t go anywhere without my youngest saying he’s hungry within five seconds of arrival. I like your purse better, it sounds cracker crumb and toy free. : )

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    1. 🙂 Little Jedi packs his own little backpack to take things when he’s going with me. If we’re not going far, you might find a toy or two or a pack of cookies in my purse, but not regularly.


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