#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Have a Tumultuous Week

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the past week feels like it might’ve been a year instead of just a week. Nothing transpired quite like I thought it was going to, and I’m making some transitions earlier than I thought I was going to. Early Saturday morning, my mom called to tell me that my grandmother passed away.

We knew she was very sick, and so we’d had a chance to say goodbye. And she lived a long, good life, a full 86 years with lots of kids and grandkids and great-grandkids, and even 1 great-great-grandkid. The sadness is only in missing her, only in the selfish part of grief, and so it is not overwhelming. It is bittersweet.

I spent the weekend and Monday back home in Waynesboro, attending the funeral and visiting with our family. I cried some cleansing tears, and I laughed a lot of laughs, and I even found out some entirely new things. And then, of course, it was time to come home. On Monday afternoon, Little Jedi (who did extremely well during the whole event and asked lots of interesting questions) went back to his dad’s house for the week, and Sam and I started our trip back to NOLA.

As we got closer to home, I realized I had a voicemail. My phone doesn’t work well back home, so I’d missed the call, but another nonprofit organization called and offered me a position as a grant writer and administrative assistant. I applied for this job several months ago, and I really wanted it then, but I wasn’t offered the position. I’ve only been at my other nonprofit job for a few months, and although the job hasn’t necessarily been working out well for me, I felt terrible about leaving so quickly after getting there.

The new possible gig wouldn’t pay quite as well, but it would allow me to be home when Little Jedi’s school ends, meaning he wouldn’t have to be in an after-care program and saving us the difference in what the gigs pay. The more flexible schedule of the new position also allows me to return to the photography work that I’ve been neglecting. I talked with Sam, and he encouraged me to go for the new opportunity—and so I did. I made the rather difficult decision to leave my other job, and I’ll be working for another nonprofit starting this week.

With all of that going on, I somehow still managed to post most of the week, though I didn’t get the changes I wanted to make done with the menus and widgets. I’m looking forward to working on those this week, as I’ll have more time for blogging things now, too. On the blog this week, you can also find Alex Hurst posting here for Monster Monday, and the regular features this on the Monster. Expect to see me on the coffee share leaving comments and sharing posts on Twitter this week again, too.

And today, I’m headed off to a brunch with some other bloggers in NOLA. We’ve put together a group of mutual friends who are bloggers, and we’re meeting to talk about our blogs, discuss plans, and just hang out with some similarly minded folks. I’m looking forward to the downtime with some new and some old friends.

Link up your coffee posts below, and don’t forget to use the #weekendcoffeeshare tag on Twitter and Facebook!



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  1. Well…It’s Tuesday…but, I am finally making my rounds! I am sorry to hear about your grandmother, but it is wonderful that you can celebrate her wonderful life. Congratulations on the new job, and congratulations even more on doing what will be better for you! Sometimes I feel like we get caught up in what will be better for others and lose sight of our own happiness. It’s necessary to focus on yourself every once in a while! 🙂 I hope you had fun with the other bloggers!

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    1. It happens—sometimes I don’t get to make the rounds at all, and I hate when that happens! Thanks for your kind words—the weekend was relaxing, and this week has been nice as well. 🙂

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  2. I’m VERY late in making my coffee-visits….
    Condolences, once again. No matter how expected it might be, the loss of someone can be so painful – I love both of my mother’s parents over the past year and though they had lived full amazing lives it still is so sad to know they are gone. Sending hugs.

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