The Thursday Thirteen: Chores Edition

The Thursday 13 is a weekly meme here at PTM with rotating topics. This week, I’ve been reading a lot and starting the new job, and I’ve also managed to clean out my office. Next up is cleaning up the Little Jedi’s room and going through the closets, which started me thinking of chores. There are some I don’t mind—I actually enjoy reorganizing things in some odd way. But there are some I just can’t stand, even if I do them anyhow. And today, since it’s chore time, it’s also complaining time. Here’s why I hate chores.

1. Sweeping/mopping/vacuuming.
Really, just dealing with the floors in general. I *hate* it. I’m short, so my back is always hurting by the time it’s done, and I always find spots I’ve missed once I’m finished. Bleh.

2. Cleaning baseboards/cabinets.
There’s little I hate more than hands-and-knees scrubbing, and cabinet and baseboard cleaning require that. Achy knees, long hallways, and constant interruption from a pup who wants to know what you’re doing make it even more of a nightmare.

3. Hand-washing dishes.
When I was younger, this is actually one of the chores that I didn’t mind doing. I rather liked standing at the sink, playing in the water, and the feeling of Something Accomplished as a pile of dirty dishes turns into a pile of clean dishes in the drainer. Now, though, I just want to put them in the dishwasher and be done with it.

4. Dusting.
It isn’t very tedious, sure. But it makes me sneeze a lot, so dusting lands pretty high on the list of least favorite chores.

5. Yard work.
Oh, man. Let me count the ways I hate yard work….Heat and dirt, sweat and bugs. Nope.

6. Laundry.
Our washer/dryer are downstairs, which means laundry has be carried up and down stairs in order to wash and dry and then fold and put away the clothes. That’s a right pain, and it makes the tedium of laundry a little more tedious.

7. Washing the windows.
We have a lot of windows in our little house. That’s nice, in that it’s bright in here during the daytime, and we rarely turn the lights on until it’s full dark outside. But that means there are 18 windows in the house to wash, plus two glass doors. Yeesh.

8. Making the bed.
I almost never make the bed, despite a mother and father who insisted upon it for most of my life. I just don’t really see the point. If I’ve got visitors coming over, I make the bed just for the look of it. Otherwise, I let it go, though Sam often takes up that slack.

9. Taking out the trash.
We have a really steep set of stairs out front, and taking out the never-ending piles of trash that somehow make their way into our house is hard on my knees—and sometimes there’s stinky garbage, too, which is just no fun at all, especially when you step into the NOLA heat.

10. Washing/vacuuming the cars.
This is another chore that I enjoyed as a child but now can’t stand to do. My car is way overdue for both a wash and a vacuum, but it’s hard to find a spot around here to get all that done, and it’s hot as hell out there right now.

11. Culling.
I rather despise digging through closets, storage containers, and drawers for objects to throw or give away. I often wonder how we got so many things, and I can never decide which ones I might use and which ones I should go ahead and get rid of. It’s also dull, though sometimes there can be a few surprises.

12. Going to the grocery store.
Standing in long lines to buy things that I need but don’t exactly want is my idea of an awful time, and it’s made even more awful because I’m a picky eater who can never decide what groceries to get.

13. De-furring the furniture.
We often have to scrape, lint roll, and vacuum the furniture, because the terrier sheds quite a bit. It feels a bit futile, but it’s worth not sitting down in a cloud.



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  1. Anything that requires reaching up…like putting dishes away and groceries in the pantry. I’m short, too. I’m only 5 feet so everything gets put away on the shelves I can reach. The ones below and above are empty. I have to get my daughter (who is 5′ 9″) to come over and put stuff on the top shelves. I’m not allowed to get on the step ladder because I get dizzy when I do and I live alone so if I fall, I could lay there for a bit with no one knowing.

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    1. Yeah, I’m really short, too, and I have a bad knee and 2 bad ankles, so I let other people do most of the lifting and putting things on top shelves.


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