The Thursday Thirteen: 13 Ways I Re-Charge


Each week, Part-Time Monster publishes The Thursday Thirteen, a listing post. I’ve been making a lot of changes at the blog this week, including making The Thursday Thirteen easier to access for anyone who wants to join in.

Now, you can find information about The Thursday 13 on the Weekly Features and Series page! Each month, I will release a theme and the accompanying weekly topics. You’ll be able to find them on the features page and at the end of each month’s final Thursday Thirteen.

Next month’s theme is school! Each weekly list (see topics here) will be about school—memories and favorite/least favorite required are included in the topics for August. This week, I’ve been busy working and redesigning the blog, but I haven’t been feeling quite up to par, so I’ve also allowed myself some down time. Here are some of my favorite ways to zone out and recharge:

1. Reading novels.
Losing myself in another world, in another person’s troubles and joys, and doing that just through words on a page, is something that I find soothing.

2. Watching horror films.
There’s a joy in horror, for me, and the escape that horror films provides, that small thrill, is wonderful.

3. Taking a long bath.
I love the feel of warm water, and often this can be combined with #1, making for a super-relaxing (and super-inexpensive) moment of decadence.

4. Playing games.
I like all sorts of games, from card games to word games to video and PC games. There’s something childlike games which adds to the fun, but there are also lots of cognitive benefits, too.

5. Playing with the pup.
We have a terrier/border collie mix named Tank who is a cuddly, rambunctious wonderful creature. Spending time with him is incredibly relaxing.

6. Devouring a trashy magazine.
I regularly indulge in trashy magazines as bits of light reading, enjoying the short articles and snappy headlines.

7. Turning off the electronics for a few hours.
This is a big one for me. I write and do research on my computer—and that’s most of my work—and I also just enjoy the world of social media. But sometimes a break from screens and constant contact is nice.

8. Going to a show.
Living in New Orleans, I’m in a place where there are constantly things going on. I like to take advantage of that sometimes and let the glitz and glamour be my distraction.

9. Cleaning.
Sometimes it’s quite tedious to clean, and I really do hate a lot of the chores associated with cleaning. That said, a massive clean-up with rearranging and lots of things thrown out is a really satisfying way to take a break from other work and still feel productive.

10. Taking a nap.
Sometimes extra sleep is a really good way to get back on track—and as an adult, a nap always feels like a luxury.

11. Planning something I’m looking forward to.
If there’s an event coming up that I’m excited about, or if we’re getting ready to go somewhere, I sometimes spend my relaxation time planning where/when/how we’re going to do that. It’s a great reminder of things to come.

12. Writing.
Sometimes, writing something of my own is the only way to get what I’m thinking or feeling out in the open, whether that be a personal incident or a piece of fiction.

13. Laughing.
I like to turn on something funny, look at humor blogs, and/or read something I know will make me laugh—-because laughter really is the best medicine.



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