The Thursday 13: 13 Favorite School Supplies


It’s August, and Little Jedi starts school very soon. For the first time since I can remember, I’m not starting school in August. There are no classes for me to prepare to teach and none for me to take. In virtually every way that’s a relief for me—but gosh, do I miss school supplies!

Even as a kid, I loved getting new school supplies. Here are some of my favorites from years’ past:



From top left:
Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. (Lisa Frank EVERYTHING.)
Dinosaur pencil toppers. (I had a thing for dinosaurs.)
Keroppi Pencil Case.
Corduroy Bacpack. (I still have that, actually, and I still love it.)
Rainbow Brite lunchbox and thermos. (Rainbow Brite EVERYTHING, too.)
Jem Pop-a-Point pencils.
Scented eraser pens.
Gel Pens from Gellyroll.
Scratch N Sniff Stickers.
Goosebumps folders. (And the books. All of the books, really. I was a bookworm then, too.)
Liquid paper. (Still like it. No idea why—it’s just a small pleasure.)
Mr. Sketch scented markers.
Yikes pencils. (Gosh, I miss those.)



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  1. Probably a boy thing, but compasses with the sharp metal point. These are probably no longer allowed. I remember the year my brother and I were were given tiny, red Swingline staplers, which immediately were put into service as combination Star Trek communicators and phasers, littering the house with the staples we shot at each other. I have a terrible aversion to trapezoidal pink erasers, as I sat next to a girl in an early primary grade who would eat them and then vomit pink all over the classroom floor. To this day I prefer a proper, dull puce Eberhard eraser.

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    1. I don’t think they are allowed anymore, alas, but I know which ones you mean.

      And ooooh, tiny red Swinglines!! That’s fantastic! Terrible about the erasers though. Yuck!!


  2. Keroppi!

    I loved the scented erasers and markers.

    How about the Super Shades items from Mead too? I had the pink and teal looseleaf paper, along with the pastel four-color pen from Bic (actually, have one of those here today too!) πŸ˜€

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    1. hehe…I suppose I’ve most always like scary things, though even I have a Line.

      And oooooh, Rainbow Brite! I had the sheets and curtains set and a lot of the toys.


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