Feminist Friday: Why Are Women’s Colleges Disappearing?

Check out the feminist Friday discussion today on the disappearance of women’s colleges, and drop a comment on the thread.

I’ll be over later with some Thoughts About This—I went to school at Mississippi University for Women, which was the first public women’s college in the U.S. and then in 1982 was required by a Supreme Court case to start admitting men.

Victim to Charm

In March, all-women’s Sweet Briar College in Virginia announced that it was no longer financially viable and would close its doors in August. The Class of 2015 would be the last to receive a Sweet Briar diploma.

After a long legal battle, Sweet Briar will remain open, and some arrangements have been made to help the school’s finances. But with no incoming freshman class and a high number of transfers away from the school, it’s likely that this is a temporary fix.

sweet briar crestIn the last 50 years, 185 women’s colleges have gone co-ed or closed; more than 20 of those changes have occurred since 2000.

Clearly, women’s colleges are in danger, and the Sweet Briar case has caused many conversations about the pros and cons of single-sex education.

Advantages of women’s colleges include:

  • All leadership roles are held by women. This is important considering the gender disparity in politics and positions of power…

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  1. This is a fascinating topic. When I was a senior in high school, a women’s college was sending me things left and right. I applied and was accepted but chose to go elsewhere largely because of cost. But then, I was already in a serious relationship at the time (I married him, five years later 🙂 ).
    Would love to read more about this!

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