The Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Miss About School…And a Few Things I Don’t Miss


I’ve got school on my mind this month—Little Jedi starts first grade very soon. I’ve been thinking about what school was like as a kid, then a teen, and finally as an adult who was still a student, and

1. I do miss shopping for new school supplies.

2. I don’t miss exams. Tests always made me nervous, even though I generally did well on them.

3. I do miss wearing my pajamas to class in the middle of the day. (This was really only something I was able to do as an undergraduate, and it was quite a perk.)

4. I don’t miss the regimented schedule of elementary, middle, and high school. Not being able to eat when I wanted, go to the restroom when I needed, and move from task to task as needed was stifling.

5. I do miss classroom discussions. There’s nothing quite like a classroom of 20 people, most of whom are engaged in collective thought and conversation about a topic.

6. I don’t miss public bathrooms. While I do like to look at and photography bathroom graffiti, the overall appeal of a public bathroom is exactly zero.

7. I do miss playing Oregon Trail and Carmen San Diego in the computer lab. I loved games, and I did learn quite a bit from them.

8. I don’t miss being called on in class. I hated that moment, the inevitable moment when a teacher would call on me and I wouldn’t know what to say or how to say it. Much were the open discussion classes.

9. I do miss school traditions and legends. All of the schools I went to had their own unique traditions and campus legends, especially MUW, the front part of which (including my freshman year dorm) was a Civil War hospital.

10. I don’t miss required reading. I love to read—clearly. But I’m glad that now I’m determining what and when I’m reading instead of being dictated to.

11. I do miss that feeling when class is cancelled. There’s nothing quite like it.

12. I don’t miss last and first days of school. They were always emotional and a bit stressful.

13. I do miss the library—especially the university libraries. I miss having access to databases and interlibrary loan, especially.

And lastly…A goodbye.

will miss this series.

But it is time for the Thursday 13 to say goodbye, and time to redirect my blogging energy to something more in line with the Monster’s focus. Keep an eye out for new posts with more nerdiness, more girlishness, and more bookishness.



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  1. I would have had to follow up with a list of things I wouldn t miss, though, like wanting to have an adult conversation or using the bathroom alone but that is what happens when you have a kid. How s the new job?

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  2. Nice list! I graduated this summer and was happy to leave my school (because it was an honest nightmare). But I am already missing so many things like the library, discussions, the library, new school supplies, and especially, the library!! 🙂

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  3. Oregon Trail! Carmen San Diego! But I must say… Looking back as an “adult” many of those less pleasant aspects (rigid schedules, lack of personal autonomy, etc) of elementary through high school prepare you for the reality of most actual jobs better than the (more fun) “higher learning.”

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  4. Wow, Oregon Trail and Carmen San Diego! Those really take me back! For years, to me the European police sirens were the “Carmen San Diego” police sirens. (I was always disappointed if I happened to catch her while on American shores, naturally. I much preferred to get those “exotic” European sirens!)

    University libraries are definitely awesome. I’m always abusing mine, asking interlibrary loan for things that I want for my own personal reading pleasure, rather than actual research needs. But I might, theoretically, apply *some* of them to my thesis, eventually, maybe…possibly…so I’m not a terrible person…right?

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