A to Z: Jo March

I haven’t had much time for writing the past few days, so today here’s one from the archives.

Part Time Monster


Little Women is perhaps one of the most known, and most loved, American girls’ stories. Since its 1868 publication, it has inspired films, paperdolls, toys, art, at least one musical, and two later Alcott books that deal with the same characters. But what is it about these 4 sisters, their lives, that has us still reading and adapting their story? It’s difficult to say.  The novel is mostly domestic–as one would expect from a text about girls published during this time. But Jo March is a force to be reckoned with. While her sisters focus on needlework, art, and getting married (and this is *not* to say that they are bad characters, as they all have their flaws and other interests, but are mostly focused on the domestic way of life), Jo shortens her name and her hair, gallops about, and is far more interested in making it as a…

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