#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Remind You That October Is Coming


If we were having coffee, we would be hopping about the city, and we might try some coffees in several places. I’m working on putting up flyers for the non-profit today to advertise some classes we’re holding, and the first place I’m off to are the coffee shops. There are other places on the list, of course—but coffee first. It’s likely that we’ll grab a pastry, perhaps a beignet on the way.

While we’re driving about with our coffees (but not those pesky beignets!), I’d tell you that the week has been an up and down one. The movie went smashingly last week, and the kiddos had a fantastic time. We brought out pillows for everyone and a big blanket, and everyone got snacks and drinks. There were several hundred people on the rooftop with us, and there’s nothing quite like watching a movie that way. We’re already planning to go to the next movie.

I’ve begun to get my feet under me again, and I’m beginning to close out some old projects and possibly take on some new ones. There are 2 really great part-time positions that I applied to this week, and I have interviews next week.

I’ll still be working with the nonprofit and photography business, but those both require minimal time investment each week. The sudden rise in my free time once Little Jedi and Sam were gone all day again has me itching for another project. I won’t take on both, but if I’m offered one of the gigs, I’ll take it. I don’t want to say too much about either, as they’re not sure things, but both are social media/website opportunities that could teach me a lot as well as be incredibly rewarding.

I’d tell you that I’m looking forward to spending the evening relaxing and hanging out with Sam. He’s been incredibly busy with film work this week, and I’ve been pretty busy myself, so even when we’ve been home together we’ve been working, one or both of us reading something or writing something. In the evening we’re having dinner with my parents, who are in town for the Saints game. And tonight there’s no agenda, though, and nothing to do except maybe watch some scary movies or go see a show. There are a few things going on this evening in the city that might be fun to do, and we might just venture out.

Tomorrow there’s a brunch meeting to talk over photography business, and then there’s writing ahead for the week to be done. Of course Little Jedi will be back in the afternoon. He’s had a rather worrying cough this week, so I hope he comes home without it, or we might be headed to the doctor Monday morning. At the beginning of the week it was the only remnant of his cold, but now that it’s been almost another week, it’s a bit concerning. We’ll get him well, though.

The coming week promises to be an eventful one. I have the interviews to go to, and Sam has a table read for the first draft of a script he’s writing. We’re also set to have a weekend visit with one of my friends and her ridiculously adorable pup. Flynn’s only about 4.5 pounds, and Little Jedi is absolutely head over heels for the pup, so he’s excited about the visit. I’m excited, both to see Flynn and to see my friend Stephanie, who hasn’t visited in a few months.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that Robin will be with us for Monster Monday this week, and I’ll have the regular features, including a feminist post this Friday. And I’m cooking up a few special things for next week, which is both Banned Books week and the beginning of October, which will be a month of creepy stories and Halloween fun here at the Monster.

Speaking of October—Don’t forget about Go Play! Sign up at Nerd in the Brain’s Blog, and you’ll also be eligible to participate in the October challenge here at Part-Time Monster. I’ll be hosting a special list of October themed challenges here, and the participant who completes the most October challenges will get the November 2015 edition of Horror Block and a Super Special Secret Something In Keeping With the Theme. October challenges will be posted next Saturday, September 26!

And now, I’m off to read some of your coffee posts. Don’t forget to link up your posts below, and use the #weekendcoffeeshare tag on Facebook and Twitter!



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  1. Bit late catching up on the weekendcoffeeshare this week. Hope the interviews go well and you get offered one of the jobs. I totally understand about having free time during the week without Little Jedi, tomorrow I have my first full day at home without the kids. Trying to decide which of my projects to work on first. Hope this week has been good.

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  2. Darn the power of suggestion! Now I want beignets. I normally only make them for special family events, but they sound so good. I’m excited about October too. My Monday post even comes with costume inspiration. Good luck with the job hunt. And fingers crossed for speedy recovery for the little guy.

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  3. Anderson came home from school sick this week. He ended up missing school on Thursday and Friday. Today I think he only had the runny nose left. I hope Little Jedi is well soon and you don’t have to visit the doctor!

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  4. Have you watched Unfriended? I’d written it off until A got some recommendations; we watched it Thursday evening, A leaning forward and me with a knot in my stomach almost the whole way through. I’m usually happy with a single foot-lifting moment, so that was delightful. 🙂

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  5. I hope that one of those opportunities works out for you, and that Little Jedi’s cough clears up. I’ve had a cold, too, and the cough just seems to want to hang on. A beignet sounds delicious. It’s been years since I’ve had one.

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  6. I hope one of those new jobs work out for you, they sound fitting. You sure are a busy bee 🙂
    Have a great weekend! I can’t write a coded post this time around, but hopefully next weekend!
    I am so curious to discover what you two have in store for October…

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    1. Thank you!

      I’m not half so busy as it sounds, because on paper it seems like a lot but really each of the jobs I’m working right now only takes a few hours a week, so I’m busy 15 hours or so a week and doing blogging/parenting stuff the other part of the time. It’s pretty swell.

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  7. I am so excited for the October Go Play! event on your site! 😀 It’s gonna be awesome.

    I’ve also decided to do a month of Halloween blogging…you (and Grace) have inspired me to get my Halloween on in a big way. (Well, a big way for me…normally I put a wreath on the door, buy a bag of candy, and call it done.) 😉

    I hope one (or both…so you can choose) of your job opportunities work out for you!

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    1. Meeee toooo! I’m looking forward to putting up the challenges this weekend and getting it going. 😀

      Sam had to remind me today that Halloween is over a month away and we shouldn’t buy pumpkins just yet. lol

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