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  1. Nice post, Ula! (nice images,too *wink*)
    Actually — and I’m sure you (and most folks reading this blog) already know this — the original versions of folk stories / fairytales are often quite dark, with murder, rape, incest, etc. It’s the brothers Grimm and, later, folks like Disney, who ‘cleaned things up,’ in Disney’s case to make the whole thing more marketable. What gets lost, too often, in the process, is the complexity of the story, and we end up with a neat platitude of a moral. 🙂 Meh.
    As for rusalki — being tickled to death, literally, actually sounds terrible. Not great material for a movie, but certainly painful.

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    1. Thank you. Hehe. I just realized you used that Ivan Bilibin image in your post. Can’t beat public domain. It does sound terrible. I’d probably pee myself to death in the process. Sorry for the visual.

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