Something Wicked: Halloween at Part-Time Monster

October at Part-Time Monster-logo

It’s officially October, and that means we’re officially in kicking off a full month of Halloween activities and posts here at Part-Time Monster. I’ve just kicked off a special set of challenges for the Go Play! program, and I’ve made a few Halloween-y changes to the blog theme (thanks to Paperdolldigital for the new background image!) for the month, as well. There’ll be posts from some of our regular contributors as well as a few new-to-the-Monster guests, and we’re planning a pretty wide-ranging set of posts. There will be some costume and decoration posts as well as discussions of horror films and literature, urban legends, spooky occurrences, and of course, plenty of monsters. I’ll be writing some special Halloween-themed weekend coffee shares, too

As a very young kid, I celebrated Halloween a few times. I only vaguely remember the paper decorations that my mom would hang up, the black cats and pumpkins and witches. There are a few photos of me in costumes, but I don’t remember much about them. When I was 5 or so, my parents stopped celebrating Halloween, and I didn’t go trick-or-treating or dress up. We’d sometimes go to bonfires or hayrides that the church would hold, but horror and witchcraft and spooky things weren’t part of our October.

But now, Halloween is quite different for me. My own beliefs are quite different from those I grew up with, and Halloween feels like a celebration I want to participate in. I love the simple fun of it, the masquerade and the giddy almost-fear. And I live in New Orleans, a city that loves costumes, decorations, and excess. This weekend, we’ll haul up decorations from the basement, and we’ll put up bats and pumpkins and gravestones. We’re already in the planning stages of costumes.

And it finally feels like fall has started, here at the beginning of October.



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