Halloween Top Ten: Party Games

halloween cupcakeI could have gone a number of different ways with the top ten list. I love Halloween and I was torn, because there are some terrific horror movies out there; films we drag out every year because we know they won’t fail. Whether that’s a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, one of the many great Dracula films, The Omen, or Hellraiser. Then there are the characters we find it impossible to forget; Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Jigsaw, Lecter, Leatherface or Normal Bates. Whoever puts the creep into creep night for you, they generally come alive at Halloween.

But, as Part-Time Monster is running a month long party this October, I thought I’d go with party games. Whether young or old, most of us enjoy to dress up – or at least have a party at Halloween. Here in the UK we don’t go the whole hog like the US, but we do enjoy to let loose and we definitely stock up on treats for the kids.

So, here’s my top ten party game list for a Halloween party. They’re not in order of significance, I chose some of my favourites, and I’ll let you decide on the order as you see fit.

top ten party games

  1. Bobbing For Apples – you can make this as fun or as scary as you want; cover the table in cobwebs, fake body parts or a plethora of scary insects. You can also decorate a bowl, make it look as authentic as you please, and fill it with milk and red food dye so the apples appear to be floating in a pool of blood!
  2. Halloween Treasure Hunt – if you enjoy to decorate the house and garden, you could create a creepy graveyard feel and provide a creepy treasure hunt for the kids. Depending on their age, you can leave scary surprises to add to the atmosphere and have fun with the game.
  3. Scary Story Time – again, depending on the age of the children at the party, you could have a story corner (with the lights turned low and candles burning to add mood). You could add a murder mystery element and get other people to play along.
  4. Pumpkin Carving Competition – although younger children will need to be supervised, this is a game for everyone. Hold a competition, providing challenging designs for your guests to carve out and enjoy the creativity.
  5. Halloween Bowling – this is great for younger children, who will be able to get involved in preparing the stage. You can decorate plastic pins (or even empty cans) with various designs and use pumpkins for the bowling balls.
  6. Mummy Maker! – you could split your party guests into teams, hand them a few rolls of toilet paper and start the clock. Whoever makes the most convincing mummy before the buzzer goes is the winner. There are variations of this game, unravelling the mummy, for example – you could even add your own special surprise (with a costume or a mask) for the added scare factor!
  7. Name that (Scary) Tune – this could be movie theme songs or television programmes, and again played in teams to see who is quickest off the mark.
  8. Bag of Tricks – this is a ‘guess who’ type game. You could pile a variety of disguises inside a bag and get people to guess the creature or character. You’ll need a blindfold while the person donning the disguise suits up!
  9. Scary Feel Box – fill a number of boxes with hidden surprises so guests have to dig in a feel what’s inside. You can have fun with this, either using food (like peeled grapes), or certain props that will make your guests squirm!
  10. The Association Game – create a table, with a number of grouped items (or you could use pictures around the house), which are clues to a scary film, television show or book. You can use props, or sounds, even hide clues – depending how far you want to take the game.

2013-10-27 20.55.35

So, what about you. Is there a game you play that’s not on the list? Any stories you’d like to share with us? What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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  1. I used to love Halloween in Canada – everyone goes to town there with it, just like in the US. One year we all dressed up, set up strobe lights, a giant godzilla, a spider that dropped when you opened the screen door and a tape of ‘scary sounds’ – I think we had as much fun as the kids asking for treats! And one year I remember someone who lived in a wealthy part of town was giving out shares instead of sweets – true story! He had a massive line of kids outside his house, but the share certificates were all gone by the time we heard about it. Don’t know what company they were for though. 🙂

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    1. Wow! I have one daughter who might cut through the disappointment of no sweets if it involved money! The giant Godzilla and spider sound awesome – I imagine you had a wonderful time. I love Halloween. Thanks for sharing, Helen 🙂

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