#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Am Sick


If we were having coffee, I’d be curled up on the couch, probably in my Hufflepuff bathrobe, surrounded by tissues and cough syrup, and I’d advise you to stay well on the other side of the room so as to avoid getting my germy-germs. I’ve managed to catch the cold and cough that Little Jedi had in the beginning of his illness, and I’ve been under-the-weather most of the week. All things considered, it could be much worse, though–Little Jedi has been out of school and off on a trip, so he hasn’t been re-exposed to germs, and I’ve been able to rest quite a bit, with Sam keeping me in a steady supply of cough syrup, tissues, Nyquil, and chicken soup. I was hoping to see Crimson Peak this weekend, and I was supposed to go to a Saints game with Sam on Thursday evening, but I’ve been too sick to do much besides lie around. I’m hoping this is just about the last of it, though. If not, then off to the doctor I go when the week begins.

I’d intended to use the week to plan for an upcoming Halloween get-to-together that we’re having at our house on the 30th and for costume planning, but that didn’t happen. I’ve got to buckle down on that once I get myself well. I have ideas, of course—it’s just a matter of finding the right costume pieces to add to the things I already have. In the coming week, I’ll definitely be working on putting together costume and party ideas.

Little Jedi will also be going back to school on Monday for the first time in 2 weeks—he was ill for a week and then was on break for a week–so I imagine the re-adjustment to routine will be an issue this week. At least he has something fun to look forward to this weekend; we’re taking him to a Halloween event at the Audubon Zoo and to the NOLA Halloween parade.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that Natacha Guyot will be here for Monster Monday for an author interview in which we discuss her forthcoming collection The Clairvoyance Chronicles Volume 1 and, of course, monsters. On Tuesday, Allison will be posting some costume ideas, and on Wednesday, I’ll be posting about horror films. On Thursday, Alex will be posting about Japanese fun/ghost houses, and on Friday, we’ll be holding a feminist Friday discussion at Comparative Geeks, hosted by Holly.

Don’t forget about the Halloween challenges for Go Play! We’re just over halfway through October, so there’s time yet, but it’s growing short!

And now, I’m off to have a little coffee and a little cough medicine. Link up your posts below, and don’t forget to use the #weekendcoffeeshare tag on Facebook and Twitter!



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  1. I hope it is the end of it and you get better soon. I still haven’t decided what I’m wearing for my Halloween party either. I’ve decided I will go to several thrift stores first to see what I may luck out on. My son’s costume is settled though – ninja. Have a good week and hopefully it won’t be too hard for Little Jedi to get back into the swing of things.

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    1. LJ did pretty well at going back to school, but he’s definitely a bit sad about it. I’m finally back to normal, or at least mostly, and I need to get to work on that costume!

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      1. Glad to hear that. No luck yet with my son. When I read about Jedi staying off school for a week, I thought that was a long time to have cold. Well, little Caspian has been off nursery for a week, and I don’t know yet when he may be well enough to go back 😦 Cold season has officially begun.

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        1. It is quite a long time to be out of school—he’s really small for his age, though, and there was some concern about him developing pneumonia. I think we’re both glad he was back to school this week, though truthfully me more so than him.

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