13 Favorite Horror Films

Each October, Sam and I watch lots of horror films. I’d wanted to write an all-new set of recs for you guys, but I’ve also spent this October quite ill, so here’s a Thursday 13 from Sourcerer last year in which I talk about 13 of my favorite horror films.


Gene’O and I have switched off for the day—he’s writing about Tolkien in a special Thursday Thirteen at the Monster, and I’m writing here. As I sat here prepping for my comprehensive exams this weekend (and by prepping, I mean trying not to hyperventilate and eating Halloween Oreos), I thought to myself (prompted by said Oreos) “oh, it’s October, and this little monster hasn’t talked about horror films yet.” So that’s what I’m going to do today.

I’ve mentioned before that I like gory TV shows and all-things-zombie. And, naturally, I have an affinity for all manner of creatures and monsters. I also don’t mind being scared, especially if I can be scared in my own home, and especially if it’s October, which Sam and I have officially designated as a month of horror films. Below, I give you some of my personal favorites for the month.

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    1. I like the way horror films give me just a bit of a rush but don’t put me in any sort of actual danger. I’m not a fan of the more brutal horror films, the gore-for-gore’s-sake kind of scares.


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