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  1. It tickled me that I chose a mare for the short story without knowing you were going to do this post – great minds think alike 😀 I only wish I’d read the post first because I would have had so much fun with this…not that I didn’t anyway! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed learning more about the Slavic legend.

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  2. Oh! This brought back a memory. My father, on a visit to Mexico, became ill and extremely fatigued. He was later told that he had been turned into a mule during the nights and made to work transporting heavy loads. When morning came, he was returned to his human form but awoke tired and sleepy, eventually suffering from lack of sleep. Every night he was transformed, according to the source who was a local “witch,” and every morning he awoke tired.

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  3. I’ve always known them as night terrors, and I’ve suffered from them since childhood. Although I know the scientific explanation is sleep paralysis, it’s always interesting (and deliciously creepy) to hear about the various mythologies behind it.

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    1. Yes, that is the scientific explanation for it. Although not everyone buys that. The forums I visited, some people rejected sleep paralysis as an explanation, arguing that there are some things science cannot explain.

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        1. Their arguments were that science cannot understand everything. These were generally very religious people, I must add.

          To me God or religion is not an adequate source for arguments, but for some it is.

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