What I’m Into This Week–11/6/15

I’m going to try something a bit new here—I’ve been wanting a sort-of free form post to talk about new things that interest me, and so I’m going to try a “what I’m into” style post. That said—I’ll be listing links and shows and neat things I’m into right now, things I discovered or did or ordered this week. Here goes!


  • 1Q84.
    It’s a quirky story, but I’m quite enjoying it so far. When I opened the e-book I borrowed from the library, I was flummoxed by the 1000+ page count—but I didn’t realize that it’s actually a trilogy published as a single volume. I’m in the 2nd book, and the parallel story-lines from the first are beginning to come together more concretely, and there are even more overt references to 1984. I’ve only got 6 more days on this lending cycle, so I’ve got a lot left to read!
  • NanoPoblano 2015 Bloggers
    This is actually my weekend reading–I haven’t been as good about it this week as I’d wanted. But these are my bloggers-to-read over the month as we work toward completing National Blog Posting Month.
  • Overture
    I’m not actually reading this one yet, but I pre-purchased the collected edition of the most recent Sandman collection this week, and we should have it on Release Day next week.

News I’m Following:


  • Scandal, Season 5.
    I keep thinking that this show is going to run out of steam, and it keeps surprising me. The acting this season has been phenomenal, especially from Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young. I cannot look away.
  • Hemlock Grove, Season 3.
    The final season of the show suffered from some pacing issues, but it was entertaining at any rate. We finished this one early in the week.






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  1. This Canadian agrees with you. I hope, although I’m no scientist, that we can move on from oil one day. I consider all of it to be dirty, though perhaps necessary right now, I hope not forever. I’m not sorry.

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    1. Yeah, I agree. I think we have to start looking at other power sources, because in a lot of ways we’re already past the point of no return in regards to what their use has done to the environment.

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    1. It’s kind of an odd show, and it definitely could’ve been better executed. All the same, though, I found it interesting.

      Scandal is really, really impressive—the performances are always spot-on.

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  2. I just started the new season of Hemlock Grove – hoping for a satisfying ending. My oldest son was a huge dinosaur geek when he was younger – in kindergarten he corrected his teacher on a few things – teacher said they checked it out and turned out he was right!

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    1. Too funny about the kiddo! That’s definitely the sort of thing I would’ve done. ha!

      I thought the finale of HG was passable. I wished for a little more, but it was such an imperfect show anyway that it works as-is, I think.


  3. I was glad to see the news today with Keystone as well.
    I also have Overture on pre-order! Super excited! It’s actually a Christmas present for Cam, along with the 40th anniversary edition of Monty Python, which is now on its way.

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    1. Yeah, the Keystone is a big source of contention here because there are so many workers involved. But it’s just the wrong thing.

      Awesome on the Christmas presents—those are winners!

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    1. I keep intending to seek out more of the things she’s done, but I haven’t yet. If it’s all on par with Scandal, I’ll be addicted to it all in one fell swoop! 🙂

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      1. If you like Scandal then watch her, How To Get Away With Murder. I stayed away from it because I thought the name was done, but if you watch one episode, then you’re finished.

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        1. I’ve been curious about that one, as it’s new on Netflix right now, but the title totally turned me off. Might have to give it a try.


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