Not a Top Ten Tuesday

So my plan was to write a Top Ten Tuesday today, but that didn’t happen. I think, in all honesty, that the time for Top Ten Tuesdays on the blog has passed. I no longer enjoy putting them together in the way that I once did, and at this point they’re the last book-related content that I’m publishing here.

I think perhaps that’s an indication of the way my writing has changed since leaving graduate school. I don’t read any less than I did when I was in school–in fact, it’s quite possibly the opposite. But I don’t write about the books I’m reading these days, and I’m not sure I have a huge desire to.

I spent many years writing essays. I’ve written hundreds of pages and probably hundreds of thousands of words about the most minute of details from books. I’ve read books-about-books and cited them in great detail. And I did enjoy it for a time. But over the past few years, I’ve gradually become less concerned about or interested in writing about books. Instead, I’ve focused on other aspects of pop culture and on telling parts of my own story.

And so the blog evolves again.

I’m sure that books will make their appearance on the blog from time to time. I’m an avid reader, and on occasion I’m bound to talk about that. But the blog will no longer have books as one of its focuses.

I am, however amusingly, off to read now, though. 😀





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  1. Blog evolution is an interesting topic. Mine is constantly evolving or never settling in one (or a dozen) topic areas. Yours will be fun to read whatever emerges. Looking forward to it. 🙂

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  2. I tried to have a bookier blog- but aside from sharing short quotes, it just feels too weighty for me to dive into on social media. On the other hand, finding an online photography community has helped me make pursue that hobby in a real way again, which has been great.

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    1. Yeah, I would like to get some more and better photoblogging going on around here. First, I need a better camera. lol

      I feel as though there are lots of blogs that talk about books these days, and I’m having trouble getting the academics out of my blogging voice when I blog about books—which doesn’t really work in that niche, from what I’ve seen, and in any case it’s not the tone I’m going for.


  3. I hear you! I’m a Literature postgrad survivor too. I used to run a straight up book review blog a few years back which was growing pretty nicely but I ended up abandoning it because I found it too draining. I”m still an avid reader but having written so many essays for Uni over the years I find whenever I start a book review my brain just switches into a more ”professional’ kind of mode and blogging suddenly feels less of a pleasure. The AddAltMode geek blog has been much less popular so far than my old book blog but I enjoy it so much more, like you say it’s nice to focus on other aspects of pop culture and be a bit more personal. I do the occasional book review still, I’m glad I can include these but honestly I reckon those posts always take me three or four times longer to write than anything else I do!

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    1. I left work on my PhD mid-comprehensive exams last December, so I’m still figuring out where to go from here. I find that when I try to write about books for the blog, one of a few things happens—I feel too blocked to write; or I write something short and not terribly compelling; or I slip into academese. I think I need more time between me and ye olde grad school before I try my hand at writing about books again. Plus…There are lots of book blogs out there. It’s difficult to stand out in that field at this point, so spinning my wheels trying to write more posts about books doesn’t seem as time-savvy as some other projects.


    1. I don’t do all that well with the reviews, either, but I do pretty well at essays that discuss themes and allusions and nuances. I always tend to fall back into academic language, though, which no one outside the academy wants to read and which I am weary of writing, hence leaving grad school. I might return to writing about books at a later date once I’ve had more time to divorce myself from that way of writing about books.

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  4. I get it. I don’t really like writing about books that much either, although I have been going back and forth on whether I should set up a Goodreads account. What are you reading?

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