21 Things That Scare Me More than the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Clowns.
  2. Public speaking.
  3. Bugs.
  4. Being lost.
  5. Needing to wee but not being able to find a bathroom.
  6. Being unimportant, invisible.
  7. Head lice.
  8. Port-a-Potties.
  9. Suffocation.
  10. Life in a gilded cage.
  11. Meanness.
  12. Forgetting things that I want to remember.
  13. Eternity.
  14. Losing those I love.
  15. Credit scores.
  16. Growing up.
  17. Not growing up.
  18. Left-hand turns. And New Orleans left-hand turns. Especially those.
  19. Complacency.
  20. Heights.
  21. Ignorance.




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  1. The start to my new scary story: I had to admit it, I was lost. Someplace back there I had made wrong turn and I was hopelessly lost. I thought I knew New Orleans like the back of my hand. I guess not. Worse, I had to pee really, really bad and not a restroom in sight. Then I saw it: a Port-a-Potty. I cringed, but I had to to do it. Only, it was on the wrong side of the road and I had to make a left turn. I waited for eternity to make the turn. As I walked towards the small, disgusting edifice a clown jumped out. I screamed. Nobody noticed me, it was as if I were invisible. Then I noticed it was a zombie clown! Well, uhm, I wasn’t sure if it was any worse. To be continued!

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Left-hand turns make me nervous. And here in NOLA, they often get me lost, as there are streets where, sometimes for several blocks, you can’t make a left-hand turn, which means you have to go a bit out of your way and sometimes get a little lost, especially if there’s construction.

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    1. I *hate* left-hand turns, especially here. There are a lot of places where you just can’t turn left at all, which means going a little out of your way.


    1. hahaha…It’s the way New Orleans is built. There are a lot of one-way streets and places where you cannot make a left-hand turn, sometimes for several blocks at a time and on some highly trafficked streets. If you keep driving until you can make a left, sometimes you have to weave your way back to where you want to be. So a “New Orleans left” is to go right, then make a U-turn so that you’re heading in the direct you want to go. lol

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