#WeekendCoffeeShare: Almost Holiday Time


If we were having coffee, we’d be settled on the couch this weekend, possibly playing video games between cups of coffee. Little Jedi is around, and he got a new game this week, so we’re busy racing little cars around in Toybox Turbos—although at some point I’m sure we’ll switch to his current favorite, Castle Crashers. I’m just glad that he’s feeling better; at the beginning of the week he was home from school again. He’s wheezing a lot again, so that has meant more breathing treatments. We’re taking him to a pulmonologist in a few weeks to find a better solution to maintaining his asthma symptoms.

This week, though, he’s on vacation—school’s out for all of Thanksgiving week. Since we’ll be spending the holiday with my family this year, we’re letting him go visit a few days beforehand. Thanksgiving is a time when my mom’s family gets together at her house, as many people as can be there. Some of us make our way there on Wednesday evening, and we always spend the night playing games and catching up. Thursday more people trickle in until it’s finally lunchtime, when we have a big family dinner, and then everyone heads home midafternoon. As long as no one mentions politics, things generally go very pleasantly, and it’s always nice to see some of my extended family that I don’t see at other times.

When we come back here on Thursday evening, we’ll put up our Christmas decorations. I suppose it is a bit early for some people, but Thanksgiving has always been when I remember decorating the tree. As a kid, I always felt a bit sad when Thanksgiving afternoon was over and everyone was gone—and I think maybe Mom and Dad did, too. We always cheered ourselves up by getting the tree decorated and enjoying looking at the lights in the evening.

I suppose I don’t feel sad in the same way that I once did when Thanksgiving was over, but part of that is being an adult and no longer being the person left with a mostly-empty house but instead being a person who is going home. Our little pup will be waiting for us to come home, and at the end of a long drive will be our own beds. But still there is a fatigue involved in the whole thing, and the Christmas lights will be cheery.

That means I’ll spend the beginning of my week cleaning up the house and getting ready to pull the boxes up from the basement. We put up two trees—a traditional-style and one of the 1950s-style aluminum trees with a color wheel–and a few baubles here and there, and it all makes the room terribly cozy.

And in thinking of all of this, I’m reminded of how incredibly lucky we are, how incredibly beautiful our little life can be—what privilege surrounds us. This week there have been some stark reminders of just how fragile life can be, how cruel humans sometimes are to one another, and how difficult life can be. I’ve also had some reminders of how wonderful people can be.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m still making my way through national blog posting month, and we’re closing in on the final bit of the month now. I’m feeling a bit of fatigue, though I’m not sure if that’s really about posting every day or just about the sort of month I’ve had. I’ve posted more photos and fewer fully-fledged posts than I’d planned, but I’ve also surprised myself with a few that turned out to be better-than-expected, too. This week, I’ll be posting for Monster Monday, and right now the rest of the week is a mystery. 😉

And I’m off to read some of your posts while the video games go on around me. I’ve missed stopping by to say hello the last week or so! ❤



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  1. A lovely post. Never too early for Christmas…I started putting mine up a week ago…it always takes me a while to get the place grotto’d, so decking the halls is still ongoing here 🙂

    Wishing you fun with your decking, Kimmie x

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    1. Thanks!

      We try and get everything done in one go, but that’s pretty easy when you’ve got wonderful helpers and a small house to decorate. 😀


      1. We have a small place too…but lots of decs and not a lot of energy – I keep saying I’m going to cut back on the grotto-ing..but, well…I love Christmas 🙂


  2. Ah mystery weeks.. they’re always.. uhm, kind of fun? I should try National Blogging Month next year.. while also doing NaNo… because that’s a good idea, right? hmmm…
    I hope the Thanksgiving goes well — and political discussions are able to be avoided. My own Thanksgiving this year is very low-key, just two of my brothers, my mom and me — so I’m hoping we can all behave ourselves and have a good time (I think we can!) Then the Christmas Decorating begins – I’m looking forward to that too — even strung up some lights already in one of my windows.

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    1. heh. I meant to try NaNo this year, but it just didn’t happen. NaBlo has been difficult enough to complete. lol

      Hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving!


  3. First of all, congratulations on being able to maneuver your way through a video game successfully. Personally, my video cars or camels or whatever always go left when I want them to go right and vice versus. I usually run out of lives before the first go round!
    Second, I love that your family is able to spend so much time together at Thanksgiving. Our day always feels so rushed. Being able to wake up in the same house and hang out sounds super even if you have to avoid certain topics in order to maintain a holiday atmosphere!
    Third, we start putting out our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving but we always have a fresh tree so that doesn’t go up till right before the 25th. My birthday is December 19th and by the time I was a teenager my parents always made sure it was up in time for my birthday party. Before that, when my siblings and I were younger, “Santa” put up the tree and decorated it on Christmas Eve, while we slept. I can’t even imagine how much work that was!!!
    Have a great week.

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    1. ha! I tend not to do so well on racing games, either. I’m terrible at steering. One nice things about today’s games, though, is that they tend to just re-spawn your car/character/whatever so that you can continue playing where you left off instead of having to start over as in older games.

      And I do really enjoy the way that our family does Thanksgiving…staying over on Wednesday makes the whole affair feel a bit more like it did when I was younger and family time wasn’t quite so difficult to fit in.

      My mom’s birthday is the 18th of December, husband’s is the 13th, and mother-in-law’s is the 27th, so I’m feeling you on the December birthday. 🙂

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