#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Both Fail and Win


If we were having coffee, I’d advise you to sit a bit apart from me, so maybe it’s good that we’re having a virtual coffee meeting this weekend. I started feeling poorly Thursday night, and I’m trying to avoid spreading any germs around and giving anyone else a sore throat. The coffee is a soothing, at least, and there’s time to rest.

And it has been a busy week, so even if I weren’t ill, I’d probably want to rest rather than do anything productive. On Monday, Little Jedi and I met my parents for lunch. We met in Picayune, which is about halfway between our houses, so that Little Jedi could go to their house a few days earlier and enjoy his Thanksgiving break visiting with his cousins, who were visiting early in the week. Tuesday I spent cleaning our house and rearranging the living room a bit so that we could put up the Christmas things when we came home from Thanksgiving—and I realized that I had a library book to finish *right then,* so I read about 100 pages.

We might've put Star Wars figures in the Christmas village.
We might’ve put Star Wars figures in my mom’s Christmas village.

Wednesday saw Sam and I off to my parents’ house, where we visited with my family and Little Jedi. We spent the evening playing games and visiting with the family, and there were only a very few, very wee awkward pauses in our conversations, which all-in-all is pretty good going. (Much of my family are devout Christians and conservatives; Sam and I are very much *not.*) Little Jedi and his younger cousin kept us all laughing, and we adults might’ve gotten into a bit of mischief ourselves.

Thursday we all had lunch together and visited for a little while before heading home. Little Jedi slept almost the whole way home, which was a good thing because he’d had a busy week and was exhausted, and we still had lots to do when we got home from the family’s house.

We got home to a very happy pup who had missed us terribly and who maybe made a bit of a mess in the 24 hours we were gone. Ah well—nothing that didn’t clean up easily, luckily, so we cleaned up a bit and put our things away before turning on some Christmas music, hauling the decorations up from the basement, and starting to decorate the house. Sometime in there, I started to get a sore throat and a headache. I managed to sleep a bit last night, but I knew this morning that we’d have to call off our eating-leftovers-and-playing plans with our friends.

Now Little Jedi is off to his dad’s, and I intend to make use of the time to look at our Christmas lights and rest. We’ve got some wonderfully geeky ornaments on our larger, more traditional tree. The ornaments are a mixture of things that Sam and I had and

new things we’ve bought since being together—I try to buy an ornament or two each year that reflects what we’re into or some experience we’ve had—Mickey and Minnie riding a reindeer and making a snowman from the year we went to Disneyworld, a glass ball with dice and cards from our Vegas wedding trip, Mater in antlers from the year Little Jedi was really into the Cars movies. And so in some ways the ornaments are like old friends, little tangible reminders of our interests and our life.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m a little frustrated that I almost managed to make it through the month with a post every day but missed Thursday and Friday. Thursday turned into just too eventful a day to publish, and yesterday I was not feeling well enough to be bothered with the computer. The month in general has not been as productive as I’d intended, honestly.

But here with my Christmas lights around me, a dog in my lap, and a good book to read, I find it difficult to complain overmuch, even if I don’t feel great. I have done quite a bit of writing this month, quite a bit of publishing, even though it didn’t really go according to plan.

This week Urszula will be here with the Monster Monday post, and I’ll be publishing some Christmas-themed posts as I start really getting ready for Christmas here at home. For now, I’m off to visit you guys for coffee. ❤



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  1. I am so late reading the past weekend shares! Ugh… The downside to my part-time Christmas job!
    I so hope you are feeling better and I love the wacky ornaments. I always buy each of us a new one every year, except for last year. Will be making up for it this year!

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  2. wow love the decor you can definitely tell the festive season here.

    I forgot to get rid of my plastic Christmas tree last year so its still there by the fireplace and its ready to do Christmas again hahaahah


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