What I’m into This Week: 12/9/15


  • Donald Trump Calls for Ban on Muslims Entering U.S.
    The anti-Muslim sentiment right now, especially from a presidential candidate, is truly frightening to me. It has been for a while, I think. Anti-Muslim sentiment was already at a difficult level when Obama was campaigning–the smear campaigns based on his supposed Muslim identification would not have carried much weight if there were not already an anti-Muslim sentiment rising. But we seem to have almost reached fever pitch now, in a terrifying way.
  • Manhunt Ended after Triple Homicide in Wayne County
    I feel so sad for everyone involved in this in my little hometown. Life there has gradually gotten worse–it’s small town with a low economic threshold, few opportunities, and a small population–and the crime rate has gone up, too. This is another in a line of violence here, not just at home but in the U.S. at large, too.


  • Rat Queens, #13
    I picked up this series during the summer, reading the first 10 issues that had been published and absolutely loving them. The story revolves around a questing party, the Rat Queens, composed of four girls–Betty, a smidgen thief with a love of drugs that would rival Hunter S. Thompson’s; Violet, a dwarf warrior and hipster extraordinaire; Hannah, an elvin sorceress with an awful temper and a wicked sense of humor; and Dee, a human cleric and atheist from a planet with Lovecraftian old gods.
  • Saga, #31
    Another issue that broke my heart…They seem to be good at that these days. Staples and Vaughan do amazing work together, but they’re about as ruthless as George R.R. Martin. Don’t. Get. Attached. To. Anyone. The story is a space-opera, of sorts, with most of space caught up in a war between the people of a planet and the people of its moon.
  • The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1.
    I picked this up at the comic shop, because people keep recommending it to me and the premise looks intriguing; 12 gods are reincarnated every 90 years, but there’s a catch—they’re always dead within 2 years. I finished the first volume quickly, and now I wish I’d bought the second while I was at it.
  • Fables
    Clearly, I’ve been heavy on the comics this week. I would give you a volume of this series I’ve been reading, but I’ve blown through 2 of them and am onto the third, so maybe I’ll just say I’m reading the series. The Fables are characters from folk and fairy tales who’ve been driven from their land by the Adversary. They now live in the real world, with the more human characters in New York and the less-easily disguised talking creatures and giants on a large farm.



  • Once Upon a Time, Season 5.
    I really have no idea why I’m still watching this show. It’s absurd—really just a once-a-week soap opera with fairy tale characters. But I suppose that’s part of the fun of it.
  • American Horror Story: Hotel
    I generally like this show, but that horrifying rape scene from the first episode of this season almost totally turned me off the show. I’m glad I gave it another chance, because this is shaping up to be the most thematically sound season of the show since the first season, even if it does seem to have gotten a bit side-tracked at times.


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    1. You’re welcome!

      OUAT is really a circular sort of show–they keep using the same plot devices and such–but for some reason I’m still interested.


      1. I also have a hard time with the ridiculous plot, and the corny script and acting. I keep thinking if I had to I explain this show to someone who doesn’t watch it, I would sound so stupid. I’ll be watching when it comes back in March though lol

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  1. Cool version of Creep! I can’t write about your first statement because it will turn into a 20 page rant. If Trump goes abroad I hope we can bar him from reentering until we can figure out how much damage he may cause.

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  2. This Canadian is completely baffled on just how fear can drive people toward such prejudice and how they can believe a narcissistic and ridiculous reality show nightmare train wreck of a man is their answer.

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  3. I was confused since I was also born in Wayne County… Michigan. Sadly, other than the small town part (Detroit is in Wayne), everything else you wrote in that paragraph is also true of my hometown. 😦

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