#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which There are No Spoilers


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that Sam and I will be on my way to my parents’ home in just a bit, where we’ll be visiting with my family for Christmas. Since Sam, Little Jedi, and I moved to New Orleans a few years ago, we’ve been spending the weekend prior to Christmas with my family and spending Christmas Eve/Day here in our home. Our traditions have changed a lot over the years, and I was delighted to be able to talk a bit about that at Solveig’s blog earlier this month.

In the afternoon today, Sam and I will make a stop on our way through Hattiesburg at The Lucky Rabbit, an antique/vintage/crafts market that opens once a month. It’s become a traditional stop for us these past couple of years, as it’s usually open twice in December and has proven to be a good spot to pick up unique gifts. In the evening, when we get to my parents’  we’ll have dinner and play games, and I’m sure there will be birthday cake for Sam and for my mother, whose birthdays have both happened in the past week. And tomorrow we’ll have lunch and open Christmas gifts before heading home.

Christmas is quickly approaching, and I’ve spent much of this past week getting ready for it. I’ve been cleaning up around the house, buying presents, wrapping presents, and making plans for the next week. I’ve also been working on things for the nonprofit. My parents have been in town for my mom’s birthday, and they visited with us Thursday night, then yesterday we too Little Jedi to see The Force Awakens and then went out to dinner and dessert. We had a fantastic time at a local theater with big, comfy chairs and seat-side service for drinks, popcorn, etc. The movie was great, and it was lots of fun seeing Little Jedi’s face throughout the whole experience. About the film itself I’ll say very little, except…OH THE NERD EMOTIONS I AM HAVING.

Anyway all that, of course, has left me very little time to post or to reply to comments. I’m hoping to fix that in the coming week, but I’ve also got a lot going on.

Sometime this week, probably Monday or Tuesday, we’re taking Little Jedi and his friends to Celebration in the Oaks, a big event where the New Orleans City Park is decorated with lots of lights. We’re also trying to find a time to finish our Christmas shopping for the family, and of course all of those gifts will need to be wrapped!  I’m also working on writing some grants right now for the nonprofit, so I’ll be busy with that during the daytime.

And there’s blogging. This week I’ll be posting for Monster Monday, and I’m also going to post the list of ways to give this season…I’d wanted to last week but just ran out of time to put the list together. And unfortunately, saying that has made me realize that I’m also out of time for coffee.

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  2. Busy, busy, busy! Sounds like you are getting everything done though. 🙂

    Our Christmas will be a quieter one. We’ll be with my family this year but we only buy gifts for the kids, one niece, one nephew, and one little sister. It’s less stressful that way. Then we can just focus on having a great time together.

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed The Force Awakens, I absolutely loved it! Sucks we’ll be waiting until 2017 for the next one 😦

    I hope you have a very merry Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year too!

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    1. We do have a quiet day on Christmas, really—just Sam and Little Jedi and me for most of the day, and in the evening my husband’s mom and her partner and his sister and her husband come by to exchange gifts. It’s just the days leading up to Christmas that get busy, but we’re closing in on Christmas, now. 🙂

      Hope you guys have a great one, too!

      So glad you enjoyed the movie. I’m definitely sad about having to wait another two-ish years to hear Mark Hamil actually utter a line, but at least the first one was superior to those awful prequels.


      1. Christmas was pretty low-key for us, just close family. We had a great time though!

        I am afraid now my hopes are even higher for the next movie and I worry it will be a let down. Then again, I doubt it will be worse than any of those awful prequels 🙂

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        1. Glad to hear that you had a good one! I like the low-key holidays the best, I think.

          Agree re: the prequels. For all my problems with The Force Awakens (and I do have a few), it was leaps and bounds above those prequels.


        2. I have a few issues with it too, although it took me a while to realize that I did. I am trying to look past them though and take it for what I think it was, an apology and a do over lol

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  3. Busy busy busy.
    I am trying very hard to avoid spoilers. A lot of chaos right now in my family, but hoping to take a break to see the movie with my brother next week.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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    1. Hope you get to see it before you spot a spoiler! I’m glad that we got a chance to see it when we did so that I could stop worrying about the spoilers, but now I have to be careful what I say. lol

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  4. Ah, the season fun! I’m getting more and more excited about seeing the Star Wars movie (my brothers seen it twice now…) I’m hearing good things (and thankfully spoiler free!)
    Happy Holidays!

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    1. The movie is good, but it does have moments where it was like JJ Abrams said “because plot” and plowed through things that don’t line up exactly right. But for all its flaws, it’s also just so fun.

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  5. Have a safe trip! I think antique shopping is a super idea. What a neat little “accidental tradition” that is. Maybe I will have time to go to one of the antique malls here. I haven’t gone in a while. Yup…I’ll treat myself!

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    1. Thanks—the trip went fine, and we managed to score a few unique gifts for the people still on our shopping list. It is a fun tradition to stop by there. 🙂


  6. Oh my, aren’t we all so busy these days! Running around and trying to fit everything in we want and need to do!? I sure hope you take some time for self-care and enjoy a few minutes of the season deeply and with quiet intention (something I’m working towards, too)! Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday!

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    1. That’s how I always mange to feel during the holidays, but we always get a week’s break just after Christmas, when Little Jedi goes to visit his bio dad and family for Christmas/New Year’s over there. Hope you have a lovely holiday, too!

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  7. I haven’t seen the movie, but I was told that we are getting the type of movie we expected in the other set of movies which must not be named. I’m excited that my nephew (now 21) wants me to wait and see the movie with him. My heart just about exploded when he texted me that. Going to movies is our thing.

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    1. There are problems in the movie, of course, but they are mostly plot holes that can be overlooked as opposed to the major problems with that awful prequel trilogy. So sweet about your nephew—hope you two enjoy it!


  8. Have a very happy and merry Christmas, Diana! Sounds like you life has been full of good things this past week. I’m glad there were no spoilers since I won’t be seeing the movie until sometime next week or maybe the week after that.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve had to get fairly adept at the spoiler-free language, because my husband didn’t get to go with us when we saw The Force Awakens. We’re planning to take him tonight, though.

      Hope you get to see the movie soon-ish and that you have a very merry Christmas yourself!


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