#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Have Not Been Writing


If we were having coffee, we would maybe meet at a nearby coffee shop, or perhaps a local bakery. I’m out with friends today, letting our kids play together and feeding off each others’ creativity to make some new plans. It’s the last weekend for quite a few weeks that won’t be insanely busy–next weekend is my mother-in-law’s wedding; the next weekend is our big annual wardrobe sale for the nonprofit; and the weekend after is the weekend of large-scale Mardi Gras parades (and perhaps a ball, too). The coming week will bring preparations for all of those things, of course, and so we’re enjoying our free weekend while we can.

Well…Free-ish. Sam does have to go into work for a bit this weekend, and he and I both have things to work on over the weekend. But nothing has an extremely pressing, must-be-done-before-Monday deadline, at least. And that means I can pause for reading and playing…And perhaps even some writing.

And unfortunately, writing isn’t something I’ve done a lot of recently. I keep intending to, of course, but then I’m distracted by either something that legitimately has to be taken care of or by reading. We’re only 9 days into January, but I’ve read 14 collections of Fables and Fairest and have finished almost 2 novels with another in progress. It’s no wonder I’m not writing these days. I’m consuming, inhaling stories. I suppose that’s because I spent so long not enjoying the reading I was doing, feeling truly stifled by all of the reading I had to do for classes and exams. While it wasn’t all bad, and I did enjoy parts of grad school, the last two years were especially difficult as I’d run out of interest in what I was doing and felt locked into my decisions. But now, it’s different.

But now, I don’t write as much as I had been, and in some ways I feel as though Part-Time Monster has lost some of its focus in the interim. I’ve been looking for ways to replace what I was writing as I was thinking about my possible comps and dissertation, but perhaps that’s not the best way to think about it at all. So now, instead, I’m stepping back a little while I think through what kinds of things to add to the blog. I’ve cut down posting to Monster Mondays, What I’m Into, and Weekend Coffee Share in the meantime.

And I did do some other blogging work this week. I re-arranged the menus on the Monster to be a little bit more user-friendly, added a weekend coffee share page (it was way past time for that!), and updated the Monster Monday and Feminist Friday Project indexes.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this week I’ll be working on several new things. In addition to the aforementioned writing I’ll be working toward, I’m going to start working on Mardi Gras costumes and on volunteer coordination for the event we’re about to hold for the nonprofit and working on grants. We’ve got a few that have deadlines at the beginning of February, so I’m trying to work with our executive director to finish the applications.

I haven’t quite decided what costume(s) I’ll be wearing this year for Mardi Gras, so that’s probably where I’ll start! I have a few ideas that I’ve wanted to try but haven’t had the chance to yet, especially after Halloween was a bust this past year. I’ll likely start with those ideas and perhaps choose between them, pending what I can find as costume pieces over the next few weeks.

We’ll also be picking up Little Jedi’s first pair of glasses this week. His annual check-up last week indicated that he reads better with a small prescription. All things considered it’s not a real surprise—everyone in my family and his dad’s family, for the most part, have glasses–mostly with strong prescriptions. Anyway Little Jedi doesn’t seem too bothered either. If anything, he seems excited, since he choose a pair in his favorite color, green.

And then it’ll suddenly be time for a wedding.

For now, it’s time for me to be off and about. I’ll be visiting around later in the evening and on Sunday. ❤



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  1. I’ve noticed that I have definite times of devouring input, and others where I create like a madwoman – on two occasions, now, I’ve written 13K words of a novel – in a DAY! – and known that there was some Really Good Stuff in there…

    And then there are the between times…some input, some output…

    When I noticed that I tend to be at my most creative at the new and full moons, I began to plan my schedule more in keeping with that. So I no longer worry if the week after one of these finds me reading, hometending,going places, or just spending hours watching TVor movies while chatting with my beloveds…

    It’ll switch back.

    With all the enforced reading and writing of a graduate program, you might just need to let yourself relax and gobble up fun reading for a while….I only hope you can do it guilt free. My guess is, you’ll be writing again, eventually, and you’ll have all the inspiration from that reading to add to your well.

    In the meantime, put your feet up when you can and ENJOY! And I hope Little Jedi enjoys the new glasses. My reading glasses are in turquiose, which tickles me no end. =D

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    1. Thanks!

      I suppose I never really thought of creativity as having waxing/waning phases, but I suppose that makes total sense, especially if you’ve been doing a lot of enforced reading/writing. I felt quite stilted by the time I got out of the academic game, and I definitely that’s had an effect on the kind of things I’ve written since leaving.

      Little Jedi is loving the new glasses. 🙂

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      1. I never did either, until I started noticing that I and a lot of my online friends were up all night at the full moon…and then I realized how creative I was at that time.

        I only realized that I’m the same at the new moon, too.

        We’re an unschooling family. Our kids have lived their entire lives school free, but, for families coming later on to this, there’s a process called deschooling- a time of just being, of getting kids, but more importantly parents, out of that school mindset of ‘have to’.

        Maybe that’s what you’re doing – deschooling yourself, so that you can claim all of your skills, even those that stultified during that long siege…

        I say enjoy and wander where your spirit carries you – you’re bound to pick up plenty of story fodder along the way, and that’ll be handy when you’re bubbling over with the need to write. =)

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        1. That’s a pretty good attitude. I feel as though recently I have been doing a lot of the consuming, though, and it might be time to move toward some output as well. It’s just beginning to feel like time. It totally helps that there’s more daylight now. Those darkest days of winter are difficult for me, even living in an area that gets more sunlight than many other spots.

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        2. I always know when it’s time for output. It’s like an itch I have to take care of…if I don’t, the words will eventually explode and take me with them!

          It sounds like your time is coming. =)

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  2. I remember feeling that way about reading both in undergrad and grad school. And when I was teaching my brain and my time were sucked up by necessary reading. I’m just now starting to really read again. As for writing I’ve done little of that in the last part of the year but am working on fixing that.
    Glad I came by…haven’t clicked in too much here or anywhere but looking forward to doing so more often.

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    1. Hope you will join us more often, indeed. 🙂

      I went straight from an undergrad degree to a master’s program and then did several years of PhD work before burning out and leaving grad school. I think I’ve needed the break from writing academically to figure out where to go from here writing-wise. It’s also been good for my reading. 🙂


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