#WeekendCoffeeShare: 1/29/16


If we were having coffee, I might suggest that you stay on the other side of the room. I’m feeling quite sniffly, and I’d rather not send any germs your way. It’s likely that I’m on my second or third cup of coffee, as I’ve got a lot to do this weekend despite feeling sniffly, and I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep the past few nights due to a stuffy nose and an ill kiddo. Yes, Little Jedi has been sick as well…So between the two of us, we’ve been well and truly a sick-house this week. Luckily, he seems to be feeling better, and I’m on the mend.

This week I’ve also been pretty busy with work for the nonprofit. There are two upcoming grant deadlines that we’re trying to meet, and this was our last week of Mardi Gras costume classes for the school we work with (we’ve spent the last few weeks helping the 4th graders at a local elementary school make tiger hats, gloves, and tails).

What with all the illness and the busy-ness, I haven’t been able to put quite as much time into either writing or reading as I’d wanted to this week–especially the writing. I did manage to get the blog publishing more than once this week, but I haven’t yet sat down to do the real writing work that I’ve been intending to.

And it doesn’t seem as though this week is going to afford me many opportunities for writing, once again. We’re coming up quickly on the Mardi Gras holiday weekend, and there’s lots to do before then. We have a friend staying with us, and Little Jedi will be gone to visit my parents, so this week I’ll be readying the house for company and getting Little Jedi packed off for a visit with the grandparents—after his school Mardi Gras parade, of course. I’ve also got another upcoming deadline for a grant application, I’ll be working on that.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this has already been a challenging year. January seems to have lasted so very long, and I still don’t feel as if I’ve properly caught my breath after the holiday hoopla. I suppose part of that is the extended holiday that Mardi Gras provides as well as the other big events we’ve had—a family member’s wedding and the nonprofit’s annual sale. Each week and weekend has brought with it a New Thing To Do, and that seems to be the case through the middle of February.

And I wonder, sometimes…Is everyone this busy? Do peopleΒ enjoy being this busy?

Even without the full-time job that most people carry, I find myself constantly busy…And I don’t always enjoy it, though I enjoy so much of what I do. It’s difficult to explain. The things I’ve been doing–a wedding, the sale, Mardi Gras. Those are fun things. Enjoyable things. While I’m there, while they’re happening, I like them. But beforehand there are All The Things To Do to be ready for such events, and there’s also Social Anxiety. And then afterward, there’s Exhaustion. It’s a bit like a roller-coaster, and I feel as though I’ve been riding it since about Halloween.

So this week, my goal is two-fold: get well and enjoy Mardi Gras. After that, though, I’m looking for some peace. I’m looking for ways to simplify.

For now, I’m going to have coffee with you lovely people. ❀



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  1. I’m the odd one out. I LOVE being busy. I find it an adrenaline rush to tick multiple things off my To Do List. My husband refers to it as my “Vortex of Accomplishment”.

    I can imagine that working for a non-profit would be challenging and busy, and they’re likely very fortunate to have you there. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! It can get that way, but it also has downtime here and there, which is nice.

      I’m such an introvert that lots of social engagements really wear me out. I much prefer the kind of busy-ness that can be done in a solitary environment.

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  2. I’m a girl that gets down right cranky if I don’t get some quiet time so I think if I was in your shoes, the people around me would be running for cover! Hope that you and your little guy are healthy and able to enjoy the upcoming fun. 😊

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  3. I sent off two grants this week. Yay! It has been CRAZY my way too. My coworkers and I decided to blame it on Mardi Gras being so early this year. Such a quick turnaround from Christmas. The weather is so weirdly nice that it’s a shame to stay in and not partake. I’ll be glad when Feb. 9 rolls around. Seems like I’ve been doing holiday stuff and events constantly since Thanksgiving. I’m ready for things to slow down.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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    1. Thanks—I’ feeling quite a bit better.

      It definitely makes a *huge* difference that Mardi Gras is so early this year. I feel as though I’d hardly had time to recover from 2015 ending when it was time to start 2016’s holidays.


  4. Oh Diana, I have read about you being sick so many times now, poor you. I hope that it will at least strengthen your immune system and that next winter you’ll be in splendid form, and that you will be in great shape in 2016 too!
    Enjoy your Sunday. I hope that you can find some calm moments here and there.

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    1. I know–and I almost *never* get sick, so this stint of having one little illness after another is rather baffling. I’m hoping to be in tip-top shape again soon, though.


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