What I’m into Wednesday: 2/3/16

Aaaaaand we’re back for another round of “What I’m into Wednesday,” which looked a little doubtful earlier this week, I must say. In addition to having a cold going into the weekend, I contracted food poisoning on Saturday and spent most of the night then Sunday and Monday being pretty sick. I was too sick to even finish up this week’s Monster Monday, and I’m WAY behind on the things that I was supposed to have done already this week. Top that off with a house-guest stopping in a day sooner than expected and a boss who is getting ready to go out of town, and I feel a bit discombobulated.

But today, before I go On the Hunt for Wolf Costume Components, I’ve managed to throw in some of the things that I’m into this week:


  • City of Bones, Cassandra Clare.
    I actually started in December, but I’ve struggled to finish this one for some reason. It didn’t interest me as much as the other things I’ve been reading, and it was LONG. I don’t, as a rule, dislike long books. I think some stories take far more time to tell than others, and some don not naturally break up into small portions. But if I notice how long the book is while reading, if it starts to fell tedious, then it’s too lengthy. The story was engaging enough, but I wasn’t overly fond of the pacing. I’m intrigued by the popularity of the series, though, so I may give the second one a try before deciding on the series.
  • The Snow Queen, Michael Cunningham.
    This is another one that I’m having difficulty finishing, and it’s not terribly lengthy—not much more than 250 pages. I enjoyed the last of Cunningham’s books that I read, but this novel feels a bit overwritten in places, and at 1/3 of the way through, I don’t care very much about the characters. Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon lately!
  • Winter, Marissa Meyer.
    I did make my way through this series, and I’m in the first 1/4 of the last book now. I’ve got mixed feelings about the series; I like the fairy-tale elements and the world that Meyer has crafted, but sometimes the story seems to lag. So far I’ve enjoyed this one most, but I suppose that’s because it feels like all those plots are finally moving together, and we’re finally able to see Luna.


Guys, I’m honestly not watching anything right now. What’s new, what’s good?




  • A wolf tail, ears, and maybe some legs if I have the time. Pulling inspiration from my Pinterest board:



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  1. Aaah! The Neverending Story! That place sounds so cool! In other news, I could not read Clare’s books, either. Thought I was the only one. I read a lot of YA but simply could not get into this series.

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    1. I’m going to give the next of Clare’s series a try just to see if there’s an improvement now that the story has picked up a bit, but I wasn’t as into the first one as I thought I might be, given the number of fans it has.

      And yes—would love to go to that Neverending Story museum!

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  2. The books sound interesting. I haven’t read any of those authors, and I’ll have to look for these in the library.

    As for who’s watching what – we’re watching a Norwegian series on Netflix called “Occupied”. It’s a political thriller, really well done. We’ve watched about six episodes so far and the tension is so great I can hardly stand it!

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    1. I wasn’t over-joyed with Cinder, but I liked it well enough. I did think that Scarlet was way too long, though Cress was just as long but didn’t feel that way. Things finally start to come together a bit more in that one.


      1. I really haven’t read many fairy tale retellings (unless you count Fables), so I think what I enjoyed about Cinder was going “Hey! I know what that is!” to all the allusions to the original story. In Scarlet I was like, “Red hoodie, check. Scary wolf guy, check. Let’s get a move on.” My library does have like… five copies of Cress. So I might pick that one up in the next month or two.

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        1. I have a thing for fairy tale retellings so I pretty much read whatever of them I can get my hands on. I was interested in the way this one was also pulling in dystopian elements, but the story is unfolding way too slowly I think.

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  3. Thank you for the Sarandon piece. I am seriously pissed that anyone in 2016 is still clueless enough to think women over 50, nay even 30, are irrelevent enough to laugh at. Get a fucking life, people. *major eye roll*

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    1. Yeah, the reaction women who are over 30, and *especially* to women over 50 and 60 who wear revealing clothes is pretty telling about why we think women wear the things they wear.


    1. Yeah, I had a difficult time with her writing style. I’m going to try the next book and see if it improves, but I may end up abandoning the series.

      And thanks! 🙂


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