#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2/6/16


If we were having coffee, we’d be perched on the couch, and you’d have to watch out for stray glitter, hot glue spiderwebs, and bits of fluff. There’s a lot going on today, as I put finishing touches on my costume and some of our friends work on theirs, too. I would tell you that this has been one of the most trying weeks that I’ve had in recent memory, but that I’m going to ignore all that tonight, put on this costume, and celebrate.

In large part, I’m just glad I’m feeling better. I had a double-dose of illness last weekend as not just the cold, but then food poisoning hit, and I ended up in the local emergency room for an IV of fluids and anti-nausea meds on Sunday. Luckily the meds I was given worked very well, but I am only now actually feeling well again. I had to power through and get the house clean Monday and Tuesday, though, because we have a Mardi Gras house-guest who came in on Wednesday and is visiting until Sunday.

Thursday was the day of Little Jedi’s school Mardi Gras parade, and I also had a few errands to run that didn’t get done while I was sick. Lots of things to pick up for my costume, which I’d intended to already have begun making but hadn’t had the chance, and I also had to make some donations pick-ups for the nonprofit and edits to our website. And then I finally started making the pieces I need to for my costume. I managed to finish season 4 of Hell on Wheels while I was making my wolf tail, at least.

But then yesterday, my anxiety hit me really hard during the daytime. I began to notice how much I still had to do, and as I mentioned last week, I’ve been really feeling the difficulty of how busy things have been lately. I had a pretty major panic attack early in the day, exacerbated by complications to our weekend plans. Luckily, we were able to spend the night in, despite our previous plans, and Sam and I had some much-needed time to ourselves at home, and the night ended much better than the day began.

Tonight is MOM’s ball (a big costume party/ball thrown by one of the Mardi Gras krewes), and Sam and I will be going with a big group of friends. We’re all working quite feverishly on finishing touches before the big event tonight, which means I need to dive back into the fray of fur and glitter and hot glue guns.

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