What I’m into Wednesday: 2/10/16

Is it really Wednesday?

The last few days have been a bit of a sprint, as we’ve caught up with friends, attended MOMs Ball (a big costume ball thrown by one of the krewes here), and gone to a few parades. We even had plans for a few more–but my husband was sick on Monday, which meant we didn’t attend the big Lundi Gras parades or venture into the city.

But just a block away from our house is the beginning of Rex, one of the big day-parades on Fat Tuesday, so of course we walked out for that one. It’s neat to see a parade like these at their beginning–because the parade is so elaborate and involves so many people, the line-up starts hours beforehand, and it has to take into account that it’s on a main thoroughfare. The floats line up along one street, while the bands and marching krewes line up down a perpendicular street. When the parade begins in earnest, the floats and bands/marchers merge into one looooooong line to go down streets that have been closed well in advance of their arrival.

We didn’t venture far on Fat Tuesday itself, either. While husband’s virus seemed to be a 24-hour bug, we didn’t want to overtax his system, and the two of us had been so busy that we enjoyed the day to ourselves. Anyway I have actually been watching and reading a Thing or Two this week, maybe even a little more than expected, since we were at home quite a bit of Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras.


For the most part, I’m still reading the books I was reading last week. I haven’t had much time to finish them yet, as they’re all long-ish books. New books to come next week! 🙂


  • I’ve been really into documentaries this week, especially nature docs…Even better if they have someone British narrating, and bonus points if that someone is David Attenborough.
  • As Above, So Below.
    I was quite enjoying this found-footage horror film up until its end, which seemed to happen rather abruptly. The film is about a group who go into the catacombs in France looking for the philosopher’s stone and what happens while they are down there. There were a few truly scary moments, and there were lots of times when my claustrophobia made the film scarier to me, I think, than it might have otherwise been.





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  1. We joke about the donkey vote but I have wondered how well a donkey would perform in an Australian election but Trump is proving it would really go places. I haven’t been watching the news a lot lately and to be honest find all the coverage of the US elections too much but I am concerned because whoever is elected President will be wielding alot of power and influence around our planet. I can’t vote in that election but I hope those who can will and will do so responsibly. There are so many big issues at stake xx Rowena

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    1. There are….And part of the reason Trump is so frightening is how normal he manages to make some of the GOP’s other radical candidates, like Cruz.


  2. Like for a lot of reasons but especially your Trump comment. I really don’t know what’s going on in the US when a man like him can rise so far and so fast. It makes me glad I’m a Canadian but then I remember we’re your neighbours to the north and we’ll be affected if he somehow gets into power. Please please please make him go away!!

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  3. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl at all so I don’t have any reference for the half time show and I didn’t know it was linked to the Black Panthers. However, when you say that, I would assume it was appropriate because it was the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl (first one in Pasadena, CA) and it was played in the SF Bay Area where the Black Panthers originated at that same time. And I think a lot of the same issues that the Panthers were fighting for are very valid issues now…not just for minorities but for all of us who have been forgotten and ignored by the 1% in power. I probably sounded very dumb because I really did not see the show and can’t speak to it, other than the off the cuff remarks. I suppose I should go find some youtube video of the show.


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