#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2/13/16


If we were having coffee, I would be hoping for a quiet day. I’m likely perched on the couch–quite possibly in my bathrobe. We’ve had a string of busy days around here, but the weekend promises to be rather a relaxing one, at least for me. Little Jedi is visiting his dad, and Sam has film work to finish up, so I’m using the opportunity to do some reading and writing.

Well, most of the weekend. At some point, I also have to find a technician to work on my computer, which has apparently caught a bug that I’m not enough of a doctor to fix. I can’t run system restore and virus scans find nothing, so I’ll be looking for some help on that.

But for most of the day, I’ll be enjoying myself.

That’s been the partial theme of the week, as the beginning of the week brought with it Lundi and Mardi Gras and plenty of opportunities to get out and have a bit of fun. We actually had a rather relaxing go of it this year, though, as Sam had been feeling ill on Lundi Gras, and we only ventured out to the parade that lines up beside our house on Mardi Gras proper. The rest of the week turned out to be full of reading but also full of chores—laundry and dishes have a way of building up during the Mardi Gras hoopla.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have a lot of new and fun things planned for the blog in the coming months. I’ve been asked to guest post at a few sites, which I’m super-excited about, and I’m also working on the A to Z Challenge in April, which I’ll be participating in with the blog and as a helper, which I’m thrilled to be doing for aย second year.ย I’m also still judging the Four Paws for Noah DeCaffeinated Confessions contest—check it out!

This week I’ll be working on some of those upcoming events, and I’ll also be doing some work for the nonprofit. I need to do some website edits and pick up a few donations now that the Mardi Gras season is over.

There’s Valentine’s Day, of course, but I doubt Sam and I will do much more than a cursory acknowledgment of the holiday this year. We’ve just had a string of large holidays, and my birthday is coming up in just another week, and our anniversary is in less than a month, so we’ve agreed to forgo any kind of celebration that requires lots of time or cash. Instead, we’ll probably exchange cards and spend the evening canoodling here at home.

And oh, speaking of V-Day, look what I found! I’ll be printing these out on cardstock to make some cards for Little Jedi’s class Monday.

For now, though, I am off to have coffee with you guys before I try to sort out my computer issues!



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  1. Diana, those cards are fantastic and really had me laughing. Of course, with my dreadful sense of humour, with th eone that mentioned speed, I couldn’t help picturing the recipient sprinting like a gazelle AWAY from the giver and “You pack a whollop” would be quite appropriate for some of the boys in my son’s year last year. There were a few punch-ups.
    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in Australia in anywhere near the way it is in the USA and kids don’t give each other Valentine’s as a class etc.
    Enjoy what looks like a great week ahead!
    xx Rowena

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    1. We don’t have big Valentine’s Day celebrations around here, but we do exchange cards and candy—especially the kiddos. Husband and I just had a quiet day at home with a few new books and breakfast in bed, which was quite fun.


  2. So glad you’re getting a chance to slow down. The Valentine cards are great, but… no Robin? lol! Hope you’ve managed to get the bug sorted out. That can be a real pain.

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    1. haha…I know, they’re missing Robin! The site has a few other posts with vintage Valentine’s, but I can’t remember if those have him, either. Poor Robin gets underestimated a lot.

      Still working on the bug. It’s going to have to go to a real computer tech, I think…Alas!


  3. Sounds like you deserve to lounge on your sofa and just sip coffee with us! I would love to attend Mardi Gras some day, wishes and fishes though… Enjoy your projects! Have a great weekend! (Oh, and I am just now joining your lovely Coffee Share and look forward to having coffee with you and everyone else for many weeks to come!)

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  4. Congrats on being elevated to a helper this year for A-Z. I don’t know how you keep up with it all, Diana!


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