#WeekendCoffeeShare: 4/9/16

weekendcoffeeshareIf we were having coffee, I would tell you that I wrote this post at 3:15 this morning. I’d also advise staying on the other side of the room this morning. Why in seven hells would I do that? Because I’ve been sick for the last few days, and after sleeping pretty much since Wednesday, I cannot sleep anymore. I’m a watery-eyed, runny-nosed, coughing mess, and I can’t tell which part is allergies and which might be an actual illness. The Zyrtec that I’ve been taking daily for the past year or so doesn’t seem to be very effective anymore, so Monday it’s on to the doctor for me, in all likelihood.

I would tell you that despite being sick, I managed to keep up with A to Z posts…Until yesterday, anyway. I didn’t manage to finish my “G” post and put it up by day’s end, so that will happen in the afternoon today, and tomorrow, instead of an off today, I’ll publish the “H” post for A to Z and get myself caught up. That’s the plan, anyway. Its success rests squarely on the premise that I stay awake and my eyes are able to focus on the computer for more writing.


Which is why if we were having coffee, I’d cut today’s visit terrifically short. I’ll be back in full force next weekend, and in the meantime enjoy some of the other posts on the link-up and the A to Z posts!




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