#WeekendCoffeeShare: 5/7/16


If we were having coffee, it’d have to go on the go today. It’s Free Comic Book Day, and a dear friend is in town, so we’re going to our favorite local comic shop for a free comic book (and maybe a few not-free-comic-books) and then out and about, possibly for Mediterranean food at a cool spot near the shop. If you’re lucky enough to catch us at home, you can say hello to the pups, as there’s not one but two of them running around this weekend–our terrier/border collie mix, Tank, and my friend’s yorkie-pom, Flynn. Little Jedi is also running around here this weekend–he loves when Flynn comes for a visit, of course, and the prospect of new comics has him bouncing around like a basketball.

It’s nice to feel so much excitement and brightness in the house today, though, because the week has been a difficult one, with lots of challenges and things to think about. Sam has been working late most all week because there are auditors at his office who are trying to finish up their work, and he’s a financial analyst at the company. It was frustrating for all of us, as there were a few nights he wasn’t home until after 11:00, by which time Little Jedi had to go to bed without seeing him. I’ve also been helping out a friend with getting her kids back and forth to school this week because her wife is ill and unable to help, and so the afternoons were pretty well occupied with kiddos this week. As if that weren’t enough going on, this week was GiveNOLA, a 24-hour day of online giving that is tied into Give Local Ameria, and our nonprofit was participating. It should’ve been a lovely day if a busy one, but it turned into a bit of a nightmare when the site went down for about 12 hours of the campaign because of overloaded servers. I was handling our social media for the day mostly by myself—and because it’s one of only two major fundraisers we do in a year, the day is a pretty important one. Our local office did an admirable job of handling the situation, but it was still a difficult day, with a lower turn-out than expected because of the technical issues and then overloaded phone lines.

So I’m planning to enjoy my day and to try forgetting what a stressful week this has been. Mind you, the forgetting won’t be easy. Because even if all of those things were set aside, there’s still a major development happening: we’re probably moving in the next few weeks. We’re staying in New Orleans, but we’ll probably move across the Crescent City Connection (the bridge that crosses the MS River). Little Jedi’s school on the opposite side of the bridge from where we live, and so is the warehouse for the nonprofit I work for (where I end up doing quite a bit of my work), and rent is lower on average. This is a change we’ve been tossing around for a while, but we’ve recently decided that it’s probably time to make the change. We’re waiting on an answer from a place that we really like, an answer that we will theoretically have by the end of the weekend. If we don’t get the place, we’ll have to make a decision about continuing to look or just renewing our lease here. Eeeep!

All of this has meant, of course, that I haven’t had much time for blogging this week, or even time for reading blogs. Alas that I didn’t make it around to visiting coffee posts last week (though I tried to share as many as possible on Twitter and hit the Facebook tag, too), and the A to Z Challenge Reflection post that should’ve doubled for Monster Monday is still sitting, unfinished, in my drafts. But I have had time to do some planning! I’m working on some new things for the weekend coffee share that I’m planning to unveil at the beginning of June (though that might get pushed back a bit if we move in the next few weeks!

And since this is already far longer than I’d intended it to be, I’m going to stop chatting now! Link up your posts below, just please follow our few little rules!
1. Posts should be framed as a chat over coffee or some other beverage.
2. Posts should be current (written within the week).
3. Links go on the link-up, not in the comments section.
4. Comment and share each others’ posts using #weekendcoffeeshare on Facebook and Twitter!




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