Read Before Commenting

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I hope you’ll hang around, read a few (or many!) posts, and have a chat with us about something that interests you.

But first, there are a few Rules of Engagement. They’re mostly pretty simple.

The Basic Policy

  1. Because we want to encourage discussion, we strive to publish as many comments as possible. The Internet, though, is a wild and wily place. We recognize that some form of moderation is needed in order to foster a productive conversation.
  2. Comments are moderated mostly by Diana but sometimes by Gene’O.
  3. The basics are:
    1. Respect everyone you interact with here as fellow human beings.
    2. Be yourself, but don’t be mean.
  4. The everyday policy is easy. We read first comments carefully, and we have awesome followers. This suffices 363 days out of the year. On extremely rare occasions, the More Robust Policy is needed.

The More Robust Policy

1(a) Racist, sexist, homophobic, abelist, inappropriately sexual, and otherwise hateful, harassing or dehumanizing comments, etc. are deleted;
1(b) The best thing that can happen in that case is that we moderate the offender’s every word at our convenience from that point forward.
2(a) We also reserve the right to remove any comment or flag anyone for indefinite moderation at any time, for any reason, with or without an explanation;
2(b) And we reserve the right to delegate that authority to co-administrators as Diana sees fit.

A Few Final Thoughts

We rarely delete comments or flag people without explanation. But we do reserve the right. It’s about maintaining the safety and friendliness of the space.

We believe in freedom of expression, but in the event you trigger the More Robust Policy, don’t waste your time submitting a dozen messages and comments about your freedom of speech. If it happens, and you really want to work things out, it is best to disengage for awhile and come back later.

In short, we’re not the government, and our front page is not a public street corner. The Monster is a little more like a house party to which everyone on the Internet is invited. All are welcome, but no one is allowed to break furniture or demean other guests.

Comments deemed unproductive or inappropriate due to flaming, harassment, name-calling, trolling, or spam will not be published. Comments that add to the conversation in thoughtful and engaging ways are encouraged.



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  1. Hi there, so sorry to bother while you’re moving, but I’ve made a goof, and I’m wondering if you might can help! I posted 2 link ups today in coffee share, because on the first one, I accidentally linked it to my blog page, rather than the actual coffee share post. I don’t know how to fix this, but if you’re able to just go in and delete #7 (you’ll see how it’s goofed just by the title! 😜), please do! It’s in red, too; so, I think the system even knows I goofed. Lol. Hope you have a restful evening! Happy moving! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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