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We have open discussions regarding gender inequality and what to do about it for Feminist Fridays as often as we’re able. These discussions began as a conversation between three bloggers in December 2013. By mid-March of 2014, the conversation had grown, incorporating bloggers from various places and backgrounds. Here at the beginning of 2016, we’ve had more than 45 discussions on at least a dozen different blogs.

Here’s how it works: we organize multi-week runs of discussion threads about issues related to feminism and gender inequality. Host bloggers write a post to start the discussion, and we discuss it. We welcome all to join, but ask that you please read and abide by the policies of the host blog.

This is a chronological list of the discussion posts we’ve published so far.


by Sophiedoodle
by Sophiedoodle

March 21-Is Feminism Still a Politically Useful Label? (Gene’O)

March 28–What’s the most pressing issue for women? (Gene’O)

April 04–What do we do about rape and rape culture? (Gene’O)

April 11–How do we categorize and prioritize the various forms of education? (Gene’O)

April 18–Children and Youth Media (Natacha of Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom)

April 25–How has social media affected female body image perceptions?  (Gretchen of Drifting Through My Open Mind)

May 02–#BringBackOurGirls (Gene’O)

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May 16 –A reflection on six weeks of Feminist Friday Discussions. (Gene’O)

May 23– What is the purpose of education?  (David of Comparative Geeks)

May 30–#yesallwomen, conversations matter, and how do we use them to change things? (Diana)

Note: Gene’O’s and Diana’s posts from this point forward are all posted at Part Time Monster.

June 6–Early Childhood Learning is about Parents (Gene’O)

June 13–Semi-Open Thread: What’s Our Next Step? (Gene’O)

June 20–The Label Revisited (Gene’O)

http://www.hercampus.com/school/uprm/feminism-dummies via HerCampus
via HerCampus!

June 27–In case you wonder why #yesallwomen and feminist friday are still needed  (Natacha)

July 11–“Reproductive Healthcare” isn’t just about reproduction (Diana)

July 18–Early Childhood and Culture (Gene’O)

July 25–#Twitterpurge, Women, and Internet Culture (Diana)

August 1–The Soap Aisle (Leah of The Lobster Dance)

August 8–Shame and Empowerment in Marketing to Women (Leah)

September 19–Just How Valuable is the Bechdel Test? (Sabina of Victim to CharmNote: Also,check out her follow-up, Beyond the Bechdel Test. Sabina’s Sept. 19 post was Freshly Pressed in early October.

September 26–It is not the word but the idea and the ambition behind it . . .” Thoughts on Emma Watson’s U.N. speech. (Gene’O)

October 3–What are Strong Female Characters? (Hannah of Things Matter)

October 10–Is it Time for School Uniforms to Grow Up? (Gretchen) Note: Read a reaction/opinion on the issue from Oct. 12 by Luther Siler at Infinite Free Time

October 17–All Good Things . . .  (Gene’O)


 via HuffPo UK
via HuffPo UK

January 30-I Am a Feminist. Here is Why. (Gene’O)

February 6-The Problem with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl (Sabina)

February 13-I Love Genderswap! (Leah)

February 27-Women in Refrigerators (Hannah)

March 6-It’s My Name; I Chose It (Diana)

March 13-The Problem with Girls in Math and Science (Gretchen)

March 20-Spring Wrap-Up (Gene’O)

June 5The Kickoff Post (Gene’O)

Source: mic.com
via mic.com

June 12A French Perspective on Sex Education and Birth Control (Natacha)

June 19Why Boys Need Feminism (Gretchen)

June 26Girl Talk (Diana)

July 3The Myth of Girl Stories (Allison of Eclectic Alli)

July 10A Brief History of “Girl Stories” on Television (Rose of rosebfischer.com)

July 17Ask a Bisexual: Can Men and Women Ever Just Be Friends? (Leah)

July 24Feminism is a Queer Issue (Hannah)

July 31Why are Womens’ Colleges Disappearing? (Sabina)

via The Period Store
via The Period Store

August 7On Teaching Girls, As a Guy (Luther)

August 14Summer Wrap-Up (Gene’O)

October 2-My Cake Carrier Is Not An Invitation (Leah)

October 9-Into the Woods (Allison)

October 16-I Refuse to Sing Along to Misogyny (Sabina)

October 23-Rage Inducing “Soft Sexism” (Holly of Comparative Geeks)

November 6-Is It Time for Dress Codes to Grow Up? (Luther)

November 13-Periods (Diana)

November 20-The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About (Gretchen) Note: This post (deservedly so) received a lot of attention. It made its way to the HuffPo (in multiple languages), and it was published on UpWorthy, WordPress Discover, and Women’s Agenda Australia. It also recently appeared on Huffington Post’s list “31 Eye Opening Quotes from 2015.”


Check out our 2014 Collection!Feminist Bloggers: The 2014 Collection is a free, downloadable collection of the posts from our 2014 run. The collection was edited by Natacha Guyot and features a foreword by Gretchen Kelley and an afterword by Gene’O.


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