Girls and Women

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The Monster is not female-exclusive, but I maintain the blog as a safe space for girls and women in particular, and much of the content published here focuses on girls’ and women’s issues.  From its infancy, Part-Time Monster has been a girl-centric blog shaped by my interests in feminism and literature and by my own experiences.

When I launched the blog in 2013, I was a graduate student in the midst of researching American girlhood in children’s literature. I was also the mother of a very young child, and we had recently moved to a new city. I used the blog as a place to write through ideas as I studied and to talk about being a mother, partner, student, and teacher. Many of the initial contributors to the Monster were women with similar interests. As a result, a focus began to emerge.

Content related to girls’ and women’s issues on the Monster includes pop culture analysis, political commentary, feminist discussions, and autobiographical essays. Some of our past series related to girls and women include Tough Ladies, A to Z Challenge 2014: Girls in Children’s Literature, and A to Z Challenge 2015: Female Monsters. Currently, the blog is host to Monster Monday, a weekly series on female monsters.

Part-Time Monster also participates in and occasionally hosts Feminist Friday discussions.



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