Monster Monday


Monster Mondays focus on learning about new monsters while highlighting gender-specific issues, scaring ourselves silly, and fostering serious conversations. The series officially started in May 2015, but its beginnings were in the A to Z Challenge in April 2015. Because of Part-Time Monster’s focus on girls and monsters, I chose the theme “Lady Monsters” for the 2015 challenge. The month proved to be so much fun, and the posts provoked so many conversations, that I decided to continue blogging about female monsters and to invite others to write about them with me.

Monster Mondays began with three regular contributors:  Urszula Humienik, who writes about Slavic monsters, Alex Hurst, who guest posted a year-long series about Japanese monsters, and myself. In 2016, we welcomed Robin Rivera of Write On, Sisters as a regular contributor; Robin posts about Hispanic monsters. We are often joined by other guest posters. Posts have included characters from classic and modern film, mythology, comics, and urban legends.

If you’re looking for the original A to Z Lady Monsters posts, you can find them here.  Below is an alphabetical index of monsters discussed on Monster Mondays. Bylines for posts are parenthetically noted. See this page for more information about guest posters and series contributors, including their blogs and other links.

Bonus: Interview with author Natacha Guyot: Concerning The Clairvoyance Chronicles Vol 1 and Monstrous Women


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