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Diana and Sam get married
This dress has Pockets!

Photos by Erin Summerill Photography, Hair and Makeup by Krissy from Dollheads Las Vegas, Dress by Trashy Diva, and special thanks to Brendan and Alexandra, our showgirl and Elvis (who are not in these photos, but whose photos you will most assuredly see when we get all of the wedding photos back).

The wedding day, while hectic at moments, was absolutely wonderful. It was small and fun, and it was just perfect for how unconventional and quirky Sam and I are.

Diana and Sam get married
Diana and Sam get married


Erin Summerill took these fabulous photos for us when we were married Monday at the Neon Boneyard in Vegas.

I’ll be back on the blog, answering comments and writing again on Friday the 14th. I’ve seen all those fabulous comments, and I see you new followers, and I’m coming to look at your blogs and respond to your comments. For now, though, enjoy a few photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

via Las Vegas Neon Bone Yard Wedding Photographer | Sam and Diana ยป erinsummerillphotography.com.