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By day, I am a community college instructor. (By night I’m pretty much the same thing, except I get to wear pajamas.) I am also the mother of a nine-year old, who l refer to on the blog as the Little Jedi (even though he’s not so little anymore!), and the partner of an independent filmmaker, Sam, who is currently in post-production on a feature-length documentary about the Mardi Gras subkrewe The Rolling Elvi. We are the guardians of one very rambunctious terrier, Tank. We live in New Orleans.

I am a feminist, an avid reader, a curator of the weird, a lover of the beautiful, and a pop culture aficionado. Much of my writing focuses on living as a liberal in the Deep South, though I l often discuss pop culture, family life, and living with a mental illness. I am sometimes a monster. And so are you, in all likelihood-even if you don’t yet recognize it.




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