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By day, I am a community college instructor. (By night I’m pretty much the same thing, except I get to wear pajamas.) I am also a mother–l refer to my son on the blog as the Little Jedi (even though he’s not so little anymore!), and the partner of an independent filmmaker, Sam, who is also the co-founder of the non-profit For the Love Of. We are the guardians of one very rambunctious terrier, Tank. We live in New Orleans.

I am a feminist, an avid reader, a curator of the weird, a lover of the beautiful, and a pop culture aficionado. Much of my writing focuses on living as a liberal in the Deep South, though I l often discuss pop culture, family life, and living with a mental illness. I am sometimes a monster. And so are you, in all likelihood-even if you don’t yet recognize it.

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