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If we were having coffee, you’d find me in my pajamas, curled up on the couch with Little Jedi, Tank, and likely Sam, too. Yes, we have an extra-large couch—we looked for a couch that would allow room for the three of us (Tank came later) to snuggle together, and we found a big, totally purple, totally comfy couch. It’s not bright purple, nor is it quite eggplant, but it’s definitely purple. And comfy.

It’s been another busy week around here, and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. Everything seems to have hit fast-forward since Little Jedi and Sam went back to school/the office respectively, with many things competing for our attention in the evenings. The days are getting noticeably shorter, too; I do better in the sunshine. My work week isn’t quite over, either—I’m working a photography job this evening, so I’m using the morning and afternoon for pajamas and lazing about.

Tomorrow I expect to be thoroughly exhausted. We’re photographing a circus-esque, vaudeville-esque show on the 10th anniversary of Katrina, and we’re sure to be working past midnight. And so Sunday will mostly be a day of catching up on sleep and blogging ahead for the week.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve finally finished the blog revisions that I’ve been doing (at least for the foreseeable future!) and am working on revising my social media strategies and planning for an extra-special October here at Part-Time Monster. I’ve been cooking up some fun and games with fellow bloggers. I’m so excited about this project!

I’ve managed, somehow, to stumble through managing the social media accounts without any kind of manager—until the last few weeks. I’m now managing pages for two other accounts aside from Part-Time Monster on several sites. I did a bit of research and decided to start using Buffer, and it’s working really well for what I need.

I’m still figuring out how to make the most use of its features, but my life just got way easier. The Buffer queue is A Handy Thing—it allows me to schedule updates for all sorts of social media accounts. I certainly don’t want Buffer to take over the way I send updates completely, but I think it’s possible to maintain steady activity with it, especially for the business pages I run, and still be spontaneous. So far, it’s working.

I’d also tell you that on Monster Monday you’ll find Urszula here, and she’s got a really fascinating monster to talk about. Regular features will run on Tuesday and Wednesday; also on Wednesday, you can catch me on Sourcerer talking about the Sex Criminals, a comic book series in which the main characters discover they can stop time when they orgasm. (Yes, you read that right, and no, you don’t want to miss talking about this one!) On Friday, there’ll be a feminist post.

For now, I’m off to have coffee with some of you before heading out for an evening of work. Link up your coffee posts below, hop around the linky, and don’t forget to use the #weekendcoffeeshare tag on Facebook and Twitter!




I’ve been having a lot of conversations this week about names and naming, and unfortunately I haven’t had much time to write. So I leave you with this for today’s Feminist Friday, a post I wrote for the Feminist Friday Discussions about why I chose to keep my maiden name when I remarried and the problems I’ve encountered since doing so.

Originally posted on Part Time Monster:

My name is Diana Joy Gordon Johns (Brantley).


Probably. Let me simplify.

My name is Diana Gordon. But it wasn’t always.

When I was born, my mother and father decided not to give me any of the names they had chosen, but instead to call me Diana, after my mother, and Joy, because–well, because they were joyful to have a healthy baby girl. I understand the emotion, even if I find it ironic that I, of all people, was named “joy.”

The trouble was—is—that my first name is only 2 letters away from my mother’s first name, and that causes Problems, especially when we have the same last name. Doctor’s offices who’ve treated us both get our files confused; mail meant for one of us consistently goes to the other one; our names are always misspelled, because her name has two n’s while mine has only one.

But it’s…

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top ten tuesday

Each week, The Broke and the Bookish hold Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly book blogging meme. This week, we’re creating our own syllabi! That’s right, we’re writing up 10 books that would be on our _______ class syllabus. This one gave me a good laugh, as  I haven’t been out of the teaching game all that long myself, though I taught composition rather than literature. And though 10 is a rather generous number of texts to add to a syllabus (especially an undergrad syllabus!) it was still difficult to narrow down the choices. However, here they are—10 books that would be on my syllabus in a monsters 101 class.


Ideally, this class would go on forever, we would read more than 10 books, and we’d watch a lot of movies. Yes. :)