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If we were having coffee, we would be curled up on my couch, at least for the morning. Little Jedi leaves tomorrow for another week at his dad’s house, and I’m enjoying his company while I can. At least this is his last full week away. Little Jedi’s last week away and the arrival of August both serve to remind me that it’s nearly school time again.  For the first time, I won’t be going back when school starts. It’s an odd feeling, but an enjoyable one. I’m happier now that I’ve moved away from that environment and am working on some things that I’m really passionate about.

I’ve spent a good portion of the week, though, feeling anxious and stressed. I didn’t manage to post on Tuesday this week, which is a bit out-of-the-ordinary for me, especially when I’m not also posting somewhere else. But yesterday turned into a good day for discussions, though, both on- and offline, and today promises a bit of laziness and also a bit of fun.

In the afternoon, I’m going to the opening of a nearby arts and fitness center, where there should be all sorts of things to do and see. And tonight, Little Jedi, Sam, and I will pull on our pajamas and settle in for a movie or two, maybe for a round of Super Mario World on the Super NES.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day for us all. Sam and I will be spending our afternoons working on projects after we drop off the Little Jedi, who will get to see a few of his cousins while they’re visiting. I’m quite happy that he’ll get to spend time with them. He has an entirely different experience with cousins than I. Little Jedi has only 2 first cousins, though he has quite a few more 2nd cousins that are around his age. That’s because I have more than a dozen 1st cousins and probably too many 2nd cousins to count. I spent a lot of time with them when I was younger, naturally, getting up to all sorts of childhood capers.

So I’m a bit nostalgic. And I’m anxious. But I’m also hopeful. Things are moving in The Right Direction. I just wish they’d move a tiny bit faster.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you to look out for a Monster Monday post this week from Allison! I’m really happy to have Allison on board for a Monster Monday here, and I’m looking forward to the post and conversation on Monday! I’ll be back to my usual Top Ten Tuesdays as well this week, along with the Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen. And come back Friday for a super-special surprise post. :)

For now, I’m off to visit other coffee posters and perhaps even to squeeze in some writing time before the afternoon’s activities. Link up your coffee posts below, and don’t forget to use the #weekendcoffeeshare tag on Facebook and Twitter!


Check out another fantastic post on this Feminist Friday, in which Serins discusses feminism from a Namibian point of view. Drop by and leave her a comment!

Originally posted on Serins Sphere:

This is that post where I tell you that I think all men need to have their genitalia cut off, that is unless they submit to me and mine. You know we are those whacked up feminists who wear leather-boots and have a nice long whip in our hand.  Then we scream “SCHNELLER!, SCHNELLER!” while we have our prey, um man handcuffed to the bed.

So now that I have your attention, I’m going to say; just in-case you had not noticed that that was a bit of sarcasm on my behalf.  Sadly, that is the view some people have of feminists. To put you at ease, I’m gonna put it out there that I don’t actually own a whip.

In contraction I’m not your kick ass dominatrix. Now me, I’m more of a fragile wall flower. I enjoy wearing the color pink, and even go out with a skirt…

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Check out the feminist Friday discussion today on the disappearance of women’s colleges, and drop a comment on the thread.

I’ll be over later with some Thoughts About This—I went to school at Mississippi University for Women, which was the first public women’s college in the U.S. and then in 1982 was required by a Supreme Court case to start admitting men.

Originally posted on Victim to Charm:

In March, all-women’s Sweet Briar College in Virginia announced that it was no longer financially viable and would close its doors in August. The Class of 2015 would be the last to receive a Sweet Briar diploma.

After a long legal battle, Sweet Briar will remain open, and some arrangements have been made to help the school’s finances. But with no incoming freshman class and a high number of transfers away from the school, it’s likely that this is a temporary fix.

sweet briar crestIn the last 50 years, 185 women’s colleges have gone co-ed or closed; more than 20 of those changes have occurred since 2000.

Clearly, women’s colleges are in danger, and the Sweet Briar case has caused many conversations about the pros and cons of single-sex education.

Advantages of women’s colleges include:

  • All leadership roles are held by women. This is important considering the gender disparity in politics and positions of power…

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It’s August, and Little Jedi starts school very soon. For the first time since I can remember, I’m not starting school in August. There are no classes for me to prepare to teach and none for me to take. In virtually every way that’s a relief for me—but gosh, do I miss school supplies!

Even as a kid, I loved getting new school supplies. Here are some of my favorites from years’ past:



From top left:
Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. (Lisa Frank EVERYTHING.)
Dinosaur pencil toppers. (I had a thing for dinosaurs.)
Keroppi Pencil Case.
Corduroy Bacpack. (I still have that, actually, and I still love it.)
Rainbow Brite lunchbox and thermos. (Rainbow Brite EVERYTHING, too.)
Jem Pop-a-Point pencils.
Scented eraser pens.
Gel Pens from Gellyroll.
Scratch N Sniff Stickers.
Goosebumps folders. (And the books. All of the books, really. I was a bookworm then, too.)
Liquid paper. (Still like it. No idea why—it’s just a small pleasure.)
Mr. Sketch scented markers.
Yikes pencils. (Gosh, I miss those.)