If we were having coffee, I would suggest we walk to the cafe nearby, maybe grab a pastry as we sit outside. More and more I am appreciating this area we’re in, and I’m especially enjoying the sounds. Sure, there are cars  at times, but it’s not a high-traffic area, especially in the evening. And aside from the stay fire truck (the fire station in 5 or 6 blocks away), we hear riverboats and church bells most of the time. On occasion it’s like being in a different era, and it’s not something I mind in the least….Though I must say that I’m glad I live in the time of air conditioning!

I would tell you, as we sat and listening to the church bells and river boats, that I am a bit sad to say goodbye to this iteration of Part-Time Monster. Some of my favorite writing has been published here, and I’ve had so many fantastic conversations. And although I intend to do those, and although I’m mostly just changing hosts, this is still a bit of a goodbye. Changing the focus of the blog means saying goodbye to one of my favorite features, Monster Mondays, and letting go of some of the features like Top Ten Tuesday that I considered bringing back.

But letting those things go is ultimately in the best interest of the blog and my writing in general. The new Part-Time Monster will include content that is much more personal in nature—primarily about my sexuality and gender have complicated and are complicated by my experiences in small-town Mississippi, but also about my life now that I have been diagnosed with bipolar type 2.

I’ll still be writing about pop culture and about monsters and all kinds of other things. Sometimes that content will appear here, especially when it relates to my focus. Mostly, though, (and I’ve very happy to say this!) that content will go to Comparative Geeks. I’ll be posting there as a contributor once the new site opens (they’re moving too!). I’ll also be posting some more political pieces at Field of Letters, a site owned and edited by a former colleague and featuring a lot of smart ladies talking about awesome things.

And as for the coffee share…Things are just going to get better! I’m going to be making a few changes, starting this one—the coffee share is moving to Fridays! In order to give us an extra 24 hours to link-up and share, I’m going to post my coffee share with the link-up on Friday mornings, 8 a.m. U.S. CT. It will still be open until 11:55 p.m. U.S. CT on Sundays. The coffee share has a new Twitter account, which I’ll be using to share coffee posts and retweet those who are joining in the coffee share on Twitter.

For now, I’m off to work on the site a bit more. On Monday, I’ll post the new URL. Between now and then, I’ll be following and retweeting and liking on Facebook and Twitter!

Link up your posts below, just please follow our few little rules!
1. Posts should be framed as a chat over coffee or some other beverage.
2. Posts should be current (written within the week).
3. Links go on the link-up, not in the comments section.
4. Comment and share each others’ posts using #weekendcoffeeshare on Facebook and Twitter!


I spent most of May deciding on a course of action for Part-Time Monster…And where I’m going is to an all-new site! Starting on June 6, Part-Time Monster will have a new web address, with an all-new focus, look, and posting schedule. I’ve been feeling a kind of fatigue lately related to the kind of writing I have been doing and the kind that I’d like to be doing. At the same time, I’ve felt reluctant to publish some of the things I’ve wanted to write here both because they would not fit into the blog’s schematics and because they have potential to make my personal relationships more complex.

Part-Time Monster will still be a place for girls and women. I will still talk about pop culture and books, and certainly about monsters. But the blog will also be a place where I am very honest about my sexuality, mental illness, politics, and growing up in small-town Mississippi among uber-conservatives. If those things offend you, or if they are things you don’t want to know about me (and I know some of you are family, so you might not want to know those things), then please—just don’t read it. I won’t be offended or bothered if you don’t. But I will no longer shy away from publishing these things out of fear that someone will be upset with me if I do. 

But first…Let me back up.

Just as we were having the conversations that would lead to me creating Part-Time Monster, my brother said something to me that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. We spent some time talking about the project we were about to start, a plan to build a blog that would include the voices of our friends and colleagues, and he told me that blogs have a life cycle. If anything, this statement seems truer now than it did in the beginning.

Back in the beginning, I had little idea of what it took to run a blog of even marginal success. I did have an excellent idea of how difficult it could be to spend all of your time writing, because my years of studying literature during undergraduate and graduate years were full of caffeine-fueled writing binges to satisfy the massive page-counts that inevitably piled up during a semester. But I didn’t know how difficult it would be to find a layout and to create a site menu, or to set up a category scheme that was appropriate, or how many hours I would have to spend on graphic design and copyright and building an audience and creating a network. Here I am, two and half years later, and I keep finding out more and more things that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know.

But I’ve been lucky enough to find a pretty large group of bloggers and readers who are willing to share their successes and their failures, answering question after question and spending lots of time brainstorming ideas for everything from content to comments policies to design and function of a site. This blog started as a collaborative effort, both in the sense that I hoped to feature the writing of friends and colleagues and that the blog was started just as my older brother, Gene’O, was starting Sourcerer—a kind of partner-in-crime for Part-Time Monster. Gene’O went through his own set of changes, and as a result Sourcerer stopped publishing.

Over time, Part-Time Monster found a rhythm, and it also found a focus—books, girls, and monsters. This all made a perfect sort of sense. Most of the guests who posted here were women. I was also heavily entrenched in PhD level research and reading for my comprehensive exams in literature, and my area of research was American girlhood. I was reading a lot of literature and literary theory, spending a lot of time discussing it with other graduate students, and using the blog as a place to write about much of that. After I left graduate school, the blog was a place to write about all those things I missed talking to other graduate students about.

Some of what I was writing didn’t really fit into those categories, though, because I wanted to talk about my own experiences and struggles, too. Those posts often took the form of “if we were having coffee” posts, and imaging a weekly coffee chat with my readers became a way for me to preserve the focus of my blog and still talk about the personal things that I wanted to.

For the last two and a half years, this blog has been my home on the Internet. And the last two and a half years have been a pretty wild ride—I got married, Little Jedi started school in a Spanish immersion program, I left graduate school to pursue other interests, and my husband and I have both changed jobs. On the blogging front, those weekly coffee posts grew into a weekly link-up that includes numerous participants in the blogosophere, on Facebook, and on Twitter; I ran a year of Monster Mondays, a series with multiple contributors that focused on female monsters; I participated in the A to Z challenge multiple times, twice as a minion; and the Feminist Friday Project generated a lot of amazing discussions and posts.

But more and more, I’ve been finding the kind of content that I had been writing, the posts about books and girls and monsters, to be difficult to write. They interest me still, but not in the same way as before. What I want to write about, instead, are often things that I don’t think fit into what I’ve been doing at the Monster. And I feel as though, in some ways, I lost my pathway. My first entry on the Monster was about living with an anxiety disorder, and I haven’t talked about that in a very long time—but I need to. I need to write about a lot of things that I haven’t been writing about here.

And so. Here we are. I’d hoped the new site would be ready by today, but perhaps it’s best that it’s not. I feel a little sentimental about this old place, and I’d like to say goodbye to it properly with this weekend’s coffee share. There, I’ll have more information on the new site and how the coffee share will be affected by the move (positively, I assure you!).

I hope you’ll all join me, here and in the new space! ❤

PTM Logo Black



If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m glad to be finally moved in and unpacked. We’d have our coffee in on the big purple couch, maybe, or if it isn’t already too warm we can sit in the swing in our backyard or out on the little balcony that overlooks our neighborhood.

Yes, we’re unpacked and almost settled in already. I like to get the unpacking over with rather quickly, as I do enjoy organizing a new space and don’t enjoy having all the things in boxes! We’re going to spend the weekend sorting out our storage closet and hanging art on the walls, then picking up a few new things (like a shower curtain for the claw-foot tub) to finish up the tidying and settling in.

And then I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend making some changes to the blog and getting ready to start posting again on a regular basis on June 1! On Wednesday I’ll be posting about some of the changes I’m making, including some coffee share news!

For now, though, it’s back to work. More on Wednesday!!